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Np Role Essay

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The article reviews about the qualitative evidence of the effectiveness of the nurse practitioners role and clinical nurse specialist roles to meet the healthcare needs of older adults living in a long term care setting in United State. Twelve electronic based data’s were reviewed to conduct this study. The study revealed that the advanced practice nurses associated care improved health status as lower rates of depression, urinary incontinence, pressure ulcers, restraint use, medical services and aggressive behaviors of older adults in long-term care settings and also showed families were satisfied. The NP is defined as a registered nurse who has NP education and licensure to autonomously diagnose, order, and interpret diagnostic tests and X-rays, prescribe medications and therapeutic interventions, and performs specific procedures as designated by the licensing organization (Canadian Nurses ...view middle of the document...

As the rising cost of the care delivery system it is important to prevent illness and provide better life outcomes. Evidence supported that the advanced nurse were efficient to educate the staff and provide consultations to support the improvements of the patients. So in my opinion the NP is educated to handle the care for the patients as well as the physicians and also they can help and understand the situations of patients better because of their background of study.
Donald, F. Martin-Misener, R. Carter,N.. Donald,E E. Kaasalainen, S.Wickson-Griffiths,A. Lloyd,M.
Akhtar-Danesh,N & DiCenso,A (2012) A systematic review of the effectiveness of advanced
practice nurses in long-term care. Retrieved from Maryville Library

Theoretical foundation Nursing Practice vacation of mine to the National Institute on Nursing and Research website was informative. I want to share what I learned from this website. This website is very organized and full of information.
The mission statements of NINR is promote and improve health of individuals and groups, support and perform research for nursing practice, prevention of illness and symptom management, and improve the palliative care. The Strategy Plan of NINR is to fulfill this mission. The main focus of this plan is health promotion and disease prevention, symptom management, end of life care, innovation, developing of nursing scientist and palliative care. NINR Strategy plan not only helps in conducting nursing research and health promotions of the individuals in today, but also in the future. As nurse we can use these themes to provide care child, adult, healthy and terminally ill patients.
I found this tour was an incredible opportunity to learn and explore information’s. NINR website is so useful for the clinical workers as well as those who seeking information. I extremely recommend this web information to use and benefit from it. The knowledge and ideas leaned from NINR will help us as Future Nurse Practitioners to provide better care in the ever changing healthcare field.
Joshy Shabu

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