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November 17 Terrorist Group Essay

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IR 6629 The Theory and Practice of International Relations


Terrorism has been one of the hottest topics in the current world affairs. The whole world is threatened by terrorist attacks of different types by different terrorist organizations. The terrorist groups have been using various strategies to pressurize the world to fulfill their demands. Their strategies include bomb blasts, murders, kidnapping and damage to property. Currently Al Qaeda is the most talked about Islamic terrorist organization that has changed the face of the world since September 11, 2001. The group has forced many countries to change ...view middle of the document...

d.) on different terrorist groups that November 17 is a terrorist organization in Greece. The group a.k.a. Espanastatiki Organosi 17 Noemvri is a revolutionary leftist group which first came into being in 1975. The group got its name from a 1973 student uprising in Greece which resulted in the death of 25 students. The students were protesting against the ruling military junta. An online report by Council on Foreign Relations (2007) states that the group has a strong disliking for America, West and Capitalism. The article on terrorist groups by the US Department of State (n.d.) says that the group is anti- Greek establishment, anti Turkey, anti NATO and anti United States.
Reading the above paragraph the aims and objectives of this terrorist group becomes clear. N 17 demand elimination of the US bases from Greece, removal of military forces of Turkey from Cyprus and an end to friendly relationship of Greece with the US, NATO and the European Union.
The BBC news report “November 17 Group: Small but Deadly” (2000) states that N 17 terrorist group is an anti western group and it has supported this stance following the end of the cold war. Analyzing the attacks one can clearly see that the group aims to discourage western countries and the US from having any diplomatic ties with Greece. This is evident from the fact that the group has targeted many British, US and European people and institutions. A prominent case in this regard is that of the British Brig. Saunders. Saunders was murdered as he was on his way to attend a meeting about providing arms to the Greek government. The group also does not support Greek participation in NATO and the European Union.
The BBC report (2000) further adds that November 17 group is also anti capitalist. On numerous occasions N 17 has initiated a popular uprising against the middle and upper classes in Greece. Upholding their ideology a gunman of N 17 group killed a former governor of State Bank in 1994.
The BBC article (2000) states that many observers are of the view that the group has a very small strength of approximately 25 members. It is also believed that the members are related to one another. The small strength and family relations are considered to be one of the reasons why the group has been able to work with impunity for over the past three decades. In 2002 the police got a major breakthrough when they arrested the first member of the N17 group. A year later almost 15 members of the group were convicted for various crimes and the leader along with several other prominent members of the gang were given multiple life sentences.
According to the BBC report (2000) the group’s activities first came under spotlight when in 1975 they killed an American CIA chief, Richard Welch, in Athens as he was returning from a party. Welch was shot dead by a 45 caliber pistol which later became a trademark of the group. The group accepted the responsibility of his murder and stated...

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