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Novant Health Fact Sheet Essay

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Fact Sheet
Novant Health exists to improve the health of our communities, one person at a time.

We, the employees of Novant Health and our physician partners, will deliver the most remarkable patient experience, in every dimension, every time.

Compassion: We treat our customers and their families, staff and other healthcare providers as family members with kindness, patience, empathy and respect.
Diversity: We recognize that every person is different, each shaped by unique life experiences. This enables us to better understand each other and our customers.
Personal Excellence: We strive to grow personally and ...view middle of the document...

C. area; Forsyth Medical Center and Medical Park Hospital in Winston-Salem, N.C.; Kernersville Medical Center, Kernersville, N.C.; Thomasville Medical Center, Thomasville, N.C.; Brunswick Medical Center, Bolivia, N.C.; Rowan Medical Center, Salisbury, N.C.; Franklin Medical Center, Louisburg, N.C.; Gaffney Medical Center, Gaffney, S.C.; and Prince William Medical Center, Manassas, Va.
* Novant Health hospitals include Presbyterian Medical Center, Charlotte Orthopedic Hospital, Matthews Medical Center and Huntersville Medical Center in the Charlotte, N.C. area; Forsyth Medical Center and Medical Park Hospital in Winston-Salem, N.C.; Kernersville Medical Center, Kernersville, N.C.; Thomasville Medical Center, Thomasville, N.C.; Brunswick Medical Center, Bolivia, N.C.; Rowan Medical Center, Salisbury, N.C.; Franklin Medical Center, Louisburg, N.C.; Gaffney Medical Center, Gaffney, S.C.; and Prince William Medical Center, Manassas, Va.

“Remarkable People. Remarkable Medicine”

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