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Nothing Wrong Essay

1019 words - 5 pages

Erin Moya
Writing & Rhetoric
20 October 2014
Nothing Wrong
They never told me how hard it really is. They sold me on the false idolatry, the romantic notion that the world was so vast and sublime that I can, one day, make it my own. They made me believe in all this ideology that we no longer need. We’ve evolved from the so called “American Dream”, yet, we still do not realize that the real American Dreams lives inside us, and the one we fetishize is merely just a twinkle in the eyes of our great grandfathers. The world was served to me on a silver platter, and once I realized it’s actually just a two dimensional image on a bright little screen, it became this ...view middle of the document...

Throughout my life, I continued to have similar experiences. But once I reached high school, everything took a sharp turn. From the first day of my freshman year, thoughts of the future were instilled in me. Fourteen years old and the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” turned into “what would you like to pursue a degree in, and where would you like to study?” I can’t express enough how at that time, those questions were so far off my radar, I couldn't even tell you a career I was even remotely interested in pursuing. All I cared about my entire high school career was where and when I’ll be able to feel the bubbly, bitter taste of a warm Pabst Blue Ribbon sliding down my throat. Whether it be under the bleachers at the homecoming game, or in someone’s crowded basement, it was all I had to look forward to, and I did not mind. I had myself a good time in high school and I did manage to past a few tests and get into the ever so important college during the process. Maybe, in the end, that wasn't the best way to approach it. And maybe putting my parents through hell by not being at the top of my class could have been avoided. But, I kept moments rather than keeping time, and for that I have no regrets.

Now, here I am. On the brink of adulthood, still fighting against that ever growing rift. Still trying to be human in a dehumanizing society filled with the social media/anti social crowd. Still trying to find a shred of decent human connection that I can grasp onto. Still trying to figure out why its so bad to prefer experiences over pay checks. Why I'm told to pretend to be happy,...

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