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Nothing To Do Essay

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The Vietnam War
Elizabeth Guerra
Chamberlain College of Nursing

The Vietnam War had first started as a “police action” for the United States. In 1954, France had lost control of Korea and they signed an agreement with Vietnam called the Geneva Accord. The country was separated into North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The terms of the agreement stated that each side would not have a leader until 1956 when an election would be held to determine if they wanted the country to be unified. The United States was afraid that because North Vietnam was a pre dominantly communist country, that the spread of communism would flow to South Vietnam. In 1955, Unites States helped Ngo Dinh Diem win the ...view middle of the document...

The young men who passed the physical had to sign up and could be sent for further training, conditional to what were needs at that time for military manpower .Those who were drafted had to spend three years in the army. Those who volunteered for service could choose where they wanted to go; army, navy, air force or the marines. They also would serve a shorter term. Because one of the deferments was educational, the rise in college enrollment raised considerably. But, the draft was unfair to those who could not afford to go to college. Ironically, those primarily who cried loudest against the Vietnam War were those who were protected from going because they were in college.
Protests against the Vietnam War did not start when President Johnson used his 1964. The first objections happened in October 1965 when the draft was increased. In February 1965, it had only been 3,000 a month but in October it was increased to 33,000 a month. Across the Unites States College campus tearing up or burning your draft paper became a common occurrence and was the first of the objects against the Vietnam War. But, those who were burning there draft cards were usually those who didn’t have to worry about being sent to Vietnam. But, it would be wrong to think that everyone was against Johnson for sending troops to South Vietnam. While there many against the United States policy in South Vietnam, a “Gallup poll held in 1968 showed that 46% of Americans approved of Johnson’s handling of the war while 50% believed that it was essential to combat the expansion of communism in Southeast Asia.”(Protests against the Vietnam War) But with each decade protests increase not only for the aid that America sent but also for the acts that the soldiers had to commit while in Vietnam.
In October 1972, President Nixon had Henry Kissinger make a secret peace agreement with North Vietnam. But the president of South Vietnam made major changes to the peace agreement. The North did not like the changes and put a halt to the negotiations. On January 15, 1973, the US made South Vietnam to accept the peace deal; Nixon announced the end of the US involvement in Vietnam. The Paris Peace Accords ending the conflict were signed January 27, 1973. All the US troops were sent home. The peace agreement that was signed, called for a complete ceasefire in South Vietnam, allowing North Vietnamese forces to keep the lands they had captured, and the freeing of US prisoners. Even though the US is out of Vietnam the North and South still fought until it was unified in 1975.
American soldiers in Vietnam performed customized tours of duty instead of remaining attached to their units throughout the war, like in previous wars. This lack of brotherhood caused difficulties in adjusting to life back at home. Also to handle the realty of war, some of the soldiers became drug addicts who sustained their self-medication when they returned home....

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