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Postmodernism Terms:

Pluralistic Style: Consisting of different artistic styles, techniques, technologies etc

Juxtaposition: Two random objects in parallel, a technique intended to stimulate creativity

Quotation: Making reference to the past

Reconceptualising: Making reference to the past and placing it into a new context to give additional meaning

Hybrid: Blurring boundaries between art forms

Reference to popular culture: Adopting ideas from popular culture

Postmodernism Characteristics:

Postmodernism challenges traditional views about art and questions dominant beliefs and values held by society.

Postmodernism embraces history ...view middle of the document...

The Fred and Ginger Building 1996 or ‘Dancing House’, was designed by Gehry in collaboration with Vlado Milunic. This building was designed on a site where there was an America bombing during World War II. Both architects drew on diverse sources of images to create this innovative and unusual structural design. The juxtaposition of even the most diverse ideas was merged together, a postmodern characteristic known as pastiche. A possible reference for the ‘Dancing House’ of 1996, located in Prague, was its history relating to the original communism country it was, before it was set free by the liberation of democracy. Ultimately the building makes reference to the destruction of the site during World War II, when it was bombed.

Many of Gehry’s work have been dubbed catastrophic and deconstructive.

Experimental tendencies are a fundamental characteristic of the postmodern era that Gehry embraces. He rejects traditional conventions of the modernism style.

Before the advent of the computer as a design tool, the use of the drawing board was how architects planned their designs. Gehry rejected this; he wanted to brake out of the restriction imposed by the limitations of architecture. He reproduced his deigns through models of paper and cardboard. Therefore Gehry’s very design practice challenged this notion of accepted traditions.

The use of curved and flowing surfaces blurred boundaries between art forms and the traditional conventions of architectural practice. He makes sculpture and architecture become one. The original design of the in Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, 1997, was made prior to the invention of computer technology

The use of computer technology extends ideas of modernism, this allowed for the construction of Storey Hall to use free form, un-flowing and chaotic surfaces which otherwise could not have been achieved without the computer to produce there complex forms. Both artists (Gehry and Ashton, Raggat, McDougall) embrace the use of computer design technologies.

Postmodern artists rely on the harnessing and embracement of new technologies, structural methods and innovative ways which allow them to use space, form and light more effectively.

Visual Codes used both by Gehry and Ashton, Raggat, McDougall (ARM):

Diversity of Forms: This is the evocative forms which arouse a range of meanings and associations that speak of broad contemporary cultural values and beliefs. The use of diverse forms can be interpreted as signifying cultural diversity.

Organic Form: The use of organic forms signifies a challenge to the modernist aesthetic of the white cube.

Chaotic Juxtapositions of Dissimilar Forms: These make connections with the dynamic energy and chaotic character of postmodern living.

Materials: The juxtaposition of the different materials points to the hybrid nature of postmodern culture.

Storey Hall, Melbourne, 1995:

Storey Hall is located in the heart of Melbourne’s cultural spine. The architectural...

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