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Not Your Average Teenager Essay

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Robin Jones stood about 5’5”. She looked about 120 lbs. and had curly dark hair that was pulled into a high ponytail. Both of her ears were pierced, and from her neck hung a blinged-out 2013 necklace. She also wore her 2013 senior hoody with grey and white Converse. She was the epitome of a 17 year old high school senior. You would never know just by looking at her that she was the mother of two. Neither would you know how her new found responsibilities as a parent had effected her as a teenager. Robin now has to face struggles with friends and school, but she does receive some help as she continues to try and reach her goals.
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Robin never tried to hide being pregnant, but when she started to show, she wished she had. Some people started to talk about her, but her friends tried to back her up. Robin had already missed a few days of school due to her circumstances. She had almost made it through her first year of high school, but at the end of April Robin went into labor.
“I felt overly tired and was in a lot of pain,” said Robin. Her mom was there with her every step of the way and kept track of Robin’s contractions. They headed to the hospital when it was time for her to check in. Robin was in labor for another long 12 hours before she gave birth to her daughter Christina. Robin told me the first time she held Christina, she cried and she knew Christina was that only thing that mattered. Robin wanted better and the best for Christina. Robin missed the last month of school. She had the whole summer to recover and spend with her new baby girl.
Reality hadn’t fully set in for Robin yet. She was a fifteen year old girl and it was summer time. She had recovered from labor and wanted to go out with her friends, but she had a baby. Robin’s mother, Jacki, still wanted Robin to be able to enjoy being a teenager, but she also wanted Robin to be responsible. Jacki felt like Robin was taking advantage of her, so she stopped watching Christina for a while. Robin was getting frustrated being stuck in the house with her crying newborn who demanded so much of her time and attention. Things weren’t as easy as Robin anticipated them to be. Jacki helped Robin make a schedule. They also started to look into daycares since Jacki worked and Robin would be starting school again soon. Christina was growing and Robin was starting to get the hang of motherhood.
School had started back up and time seemed to fly for Robin. When she was 16, she got her first job working at McDonald’s. Even though she hated spending more time...

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