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Not Too Much Money Is Spent On Toys And Games

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All around the world, in every country and for every child, it is important they receive the imagination and dreams they require. Is that too much to ask? Toys and games are a vital necessity in every child’s life. If the child earns the right to receive such expensive objects, then he/she should. If the parents can afford what they’re buying for their children, why should we have the right to stop them? Should we take into account for the money spent on sport? Toys and game assist you with your mental abilities too. Not all toys and games are overly expensive. People are generalising the amount of money spent, and is regarding it as ‘expensive’. The amount of money spent on toys and games ...view middle of the document...

Who said you had to get another iPod every time a new one is released? If you can still use the old one, then use it. Why should this prove as a problem to other people? People say things like, “What will you do with them when a new phone comes out? Or a new ipod? Or a new console?” The answer is simple. Don’t reduce to buying the new one simply because it is released. That is not a necessity. If a person can afford an object they want to purchase, then there is no visible problem.
The amount of money spent on toys should not even be compared to the amount other’s spend. People spend thousands and thousands of dollars on drugs, clothing, shoes and jewellery. Sheldon Cooper (of Big Bang Theory) once said, “Remarkable. Diamonds, crystallized carbon. Every day, people go to the grocery store and come home with sacks full of carbon in the form of charcoal briquettes that they toss in their barbeques and set on fire. But just because you’ve got some carbon with the atoms stacked neatly, you expect me to plunk down thousands of dollars.” Suddenly...

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