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Assignment 2: The Culture of Terrorism

Sharlet Van Kruistum
June 26, 2010
Sociology 201
Prof. Mark Ihnat

Terrorism is a word with no definition. It’s a term that even the leaders of the world cannot agree on. A term used for violence in which every human has a divergent relation and reaction to. Every individual defines the term terrorism in a different way from their neighbour, basing the definition on their own experiences in life. Some of the closest individuals to this term can be defined as terrorists, although they may not define themselves as so.

Although many have tried to define the character traits, upbringing and socialization of a terrorist, it is hard to pinpoint ...view middle of the document...

Terrorists are a great example of an individual being impacted and shaped by ways of socialization and the culture that surrounds them. They feel like they belong, have a spiritual connection, or some form of value that connects them to this group or say religion, to the point that they are willing to forfeit their lives for the cause.

Religious terrorism is a popular type of terrorism that groups or individuals perform. This form of terrorism is rooted in a strong faith. A religious terrorist hopes to spread their beliefs, opinions or viewpoints. The key element to understand is that religious terrorism does not necessarily define a specific religious view, but in contrast usually defines the ideas of an individual or groups interpretation of the religion and its teachings. An exceptional example of an extreme interpretation of a religion, resulting in religious terrorism, are suicide bombers who profess they are strong martyrs for Allah, the God of the Islamic religion.

When the attacks on America began in 2001 the Muslim, Allah believing community, responded by rejecting the attacks saying that they were un-Islamic, not reflect their faith or views. In a letter received from Abudulaziz bin Abdullah sl-Ashaykh, a Saudi Arabian scholar and interpreter of Islamic law stated.

Hijacking planes, terrorizing innocent people and shedding blood constitute a form of injustice that cannot be tolerated by Islam, which views them as gross crimes and sinful acts. (Wiktorowicz, Klatner, 76)

The Al Qaeda was a group of extremists who took their views and deathly interpretations of the Islam religion and used them to kill thousands of people. Its too bad that one group of extremist have contributed to the misconception of a whole race and religion.

When dealing with the issue of ethnocentrism, suicide bombers are easily misunderstood. It’s easy to write the terrorists off as crazy fanatics. After all they flew planes into the World Trade Centre killing thousands of people, including themselves, for...

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