Not Everyone Accepts That The Holocaust Took Place

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“Not everyone accepts that the Holocaust took place”

In modern history the term ‘Holocaust’ exclusively refers to the mass murder of approximately six million Jewish people of Europe under the German Nazi government. Many, if not most people, believe that the Holocaust did happen. However, there are a few who insist that the Holocaust did not happen and that there was no systematic, organized effort to exterminate the Jews in Europe. The fact is that everyone generally accepts the Holocaust took place; however, it is very hard to prove it happened, just like any other historical event. When you really get to the specifics, you really can’t know if anything in the past ...view middle of the document...

He held an extreme hatred towards Jews. Hitler’s views on the superiority of the Aryan race and his thoughts on how the ‘inferior’ minorities like Jews and gypsies should be treated, comes to light in his book ‘Mein Kampf’ that he wrote in prison in 1923.

Numerous people defend the certainty of the past by saying that history has been written down, taught, and accepted by the masses. Physical evidence exists that proves the legitimacy of historical events. In the case of the Holocaust, data has been composed from various places over the years, which we use as evidence to prove the Holocaust. Historians are able to rely upon written documents, eyewitness accounts, photographs, the camps themselves, and logical evidence from other sources. Furthermore, even if all eyewitness testimonies could be show to be false, taken together all the evidence reinforces each other independently, so it would not impact on all of the other independent pieces of evidence. Other more exclusive forms of evidence collected was German and allied film footage and photographs taken by the German military, blueprints of the camps, bills, speeches, articles, confessions and memoirs. For these reasons, denial of the Holocaust is similar to denial of something in science which has been confirmed by numerous sources of evidence, such as evolution.

Nevertheless, taking into consideration this argument, how can the uncertainty of the Holocaust be explained? There are photographs, interviews, and official documents supporting the event of the Holocaust, and yet several individuals refuse to believe that it ever happened. And unfortunately, there is absolutely no guaranteed way to prove to those people that the Holocaust took place. The fact that they did not directly observe the Holocaust, leads these people to not accept that it ever happened. Reasons why people engage in Holocaust denial are varied, but among the Holocaust deniers a very common theme is “the Jews”. These people tend to regard the evidence, and to them it doesn’t matter what the actual content is, so long as something negative is being said about the Jews.

Lastly, I would like to put my personal argument forth. On top of all the written evidence, the photos and footage and all of the...

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