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North East Essay

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Dear Sir,
Greetings of the day!!
Travel Date: 08 - 14 March'12
No of Travelers: 03 (01 Triple Room)
Cost Based on 2 Star Standard Hotel : NPR 27,000/- Per Person on Triple Share basis
Cost Based on 3 Star Standard Hotel :- NPR 30,500/- Per Person on Triple Share basis.
Inclusions :
02 Nights accommodation in Darjeeling
01 Night accommodation in Kalimpong.
03 Night accommodation in Gangtok.
Daily breakfast & Dinner.
All transfers and sightseeing as per Itinerary.
Hotel Name - 2 Star
Darjeeling : Hotel North Star / Anjali
Kalimpong : Hotel Garden Reach
Gangtok : Deep Residency / similar

Hotel Name :- 3 Star Standard
Darjeeling : Anand Palace / The Retreat / ...view middle of the document...

e. tranquility to adventure, land of monastery, mystic rituals & festivals - Situated at an height of 1670 meters / 5480 feet and is the most visited spot of India - The road is along the River Teesta and is picturesque – Afternoon and evening free to roam around M G Road (Mall) or local Shopping center - Over Night stay at Gangtok
Day – 05 – Gangtok Local Sight Seeing (Full Day) – Morning breakfast - After breakfast drive for the city tour of Gangtok – Sight seeing will be for half day hence the drive will be easy and comfortable – It is not possible to cover all the spot in single day hence we make the program with points covering minimum distance traveled - Visit to Directorate of Handicrafts & Handloom, Research Institute of Tibetology, Do Drul Chorten (Stupa), Enchey Monastery, White Hall, Flower Show, Rumtek Monastery – The monastery where Nobel Laurete Dalai Lama took shelter while escaping from China, Botanical Garden Ganesh Tok, Hanuman Tok, Tashi View Point, Banjhakri Falls, one of the finest falls close to Gangtok, etc – Back to hotel – Evening free to roam around M G Road (Mall) or local Shopping center – There are few discotheques in Gangtok to spend time - Over Night stay at Gangtok
Day - 06 - Excursion to Tsomgo Lake & Baba Mandir (Full Day) - Morning breakfast at hotel – Excursion to Tsomgo Lake & Baba Mandir nearly 40 kilometers and 2 hours drive along the Kyongnosla Alpine Sanctuary, the home to the red panda and the blood pheasant with Rhododendron and other alpine trees along the road - Situated at an elevation of 3753 meters / 12310 feet - The Lake is oval shaped lake nearly 50 feet deep - Generally covered in snow for most of the year the year – This lake is home to the Brahmini ducks & many migratory birds – Nearby is the sacred Baba Mandir known to be a very holy site for all - Nathu La Pass to Republic of China is nearly 20 kilometers and is optional tour - Back to Gangtok - Evening free to roam around M G Road (Mall) or local Shopping center - Over Night stay at Gangtok
Day - 07 – Departure – Gangtok to Siliguri – Siliguri / New Jalpaiguri Railway Station (NJP) / Bagdogra Airport (IXB) /...

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