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AUGUST 8, 2010

Many years ago life was completely different then what we are used to today. I would considered the land to be in much greater shape considering the land was unspoiled because the natives believed that harm to the Earth in any way was like harming your mother. The lifestyle of Early North Americans and Native Americans all depended on the location they settled. Each area brought different opportunities. Some were greatly into hunting while others relied more on agriculture and fishing. Communication with North Americans were quite diverse.By the fifteenth century the inhabitants of North America spoke as many as 1000 languages. In order to communicate with others, many forms of dialect were used until a local could translate the material.
Most of the people who migrated to America were known to be most likely from the continent of Asia. During the ...view middle of the document...

Just like many others, Early North and Native Americans were hunters and gatherers. As years passed their location changed to Mexico and so did their jobs. Lifestyles have changed into what was once hunting to now learning how to cultivate and farm food. As the lifestyle grew so did the Native American population. The Native American men stuck with relying on hunting while the women had more influence on farming and agriculture. Hunting was the main source for food as well as fishing for other aquatic organisms. I admire the teamwork between the men and women and how they the families shared with neighbors. Agriculture strengthened the civilizations. Many cities, and small villages developed while languages, cultures and religious views continued to grow. As the Europeans were still recovering over the Black Death, they found this new area to be salvation,and security from the world full of violence, sin and poverty that the massive disease has brought.
The Gutierrez map consists of information such as where landmarks are located, what land was discovered and details of Indian tribes. This was an organized manner of keeping track of who owns what part of each territory. The Gutierrez map shows the Spanish and French coats of arms. These coats of arms represent a proclamation of possession by both countries. This also symbolizes the two nations alliance by marriage. The Portuguese coat of arms however is a symbol of the interest that Portugal had in India and the power in their region. Native Americans were mainly located in the Eastern coast of South America. This indicated that Native Americans populated a small area and leaving much of North America unpopulated.
So what was thought to be Columbus’s new world, was the Native Americans old world. So we must give thanks to those whom have found our land and traveled through, learning different lifestyles and different ways of communication. Who knows if our lives would have changed into something completely different from where we are today if it weren’t for the actions of many of these peoples.

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