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Normalisation Essay

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In this essay we will be discussing normalisation and linking it with the concept of deviations. Outline the importance of the favourable environment in supporting normalisation. We going to explain the maturational nature of normalisation linked to the child’s growing socialisation. Also describing the teacher’s initial approach with new children. Explaining the change in the teacher’s role as each child begins to concentrate and focus on activities, and the impact this has on the child’s growing normalisation. Showing an understanding of why the child might regress. A child’s conversion is a physic cure, like returning to being normal. The ‘normal child’ would be one that is precociously ...view middle of the document...

“The process of normalisation is always the same… it does not matter what deviation a child may start… But as each child- individually and in his own time and place- achieves this experience of spontaneous concentration, until it has become a habit, each and all will arrive at the same place.” (Standing, 1998, pp. 173). The characteristics of the normalised child is as follows; A Love for Order, Love for Work, Profound Spontaneous Concentration, Attachment to Reality, Love of silence and working alone, Sublimation of the possessive instinct, Power to act from real choices and not from curiosity, Obedience, Independence and initiate, Mutual aid take the place of competition, Spontaneous Self-Discipline and the Joy of learning. (MCSA 2012). “From this we can see that the special circumstances surrounding the children were a suitable environment, a humble teacher, and material objects adapted to their needs.” (Montessori, 1966, pp. 137). If we look at the favourable environment, it consists of six basic components; Freedom, Structure and Order, Reality and Nature, Beauty and Atmosphere, The Montessori materials, the Development of Community life. Each of these characteristics plays an important part in a child’s normalisation development. Through the joy of learning independents. These characteristics support the child with developing bonds of unity, makes it easier for a child to learn from another rather than the teacher, the child learns to relate to other children of all ages, especially if there are no siblings, slow learning children will not feel isolated and/or left behind, the child learns to accept the differences everyone in the classroom has, the child learns to communicate and socialized at all levels. (MCSA 2012). If a child is an in inappropriate environment, the development of that child will suffer to such an extent that he will not be able to experience the favourable environment and benefit from it. The child will have no sense of discipline and will not know to socialise and respect those around him in his environment. Having a teacher in the environment allows the children to learn independently and at their own pace, while she maintains the environment. (MCSA 2012).

When the child is ready to embrace the social aspect their life, gradually becoming aware of the social conventions of their cultures and of the needs and feelings of others. (MSCA 2012). This is what happens at the beginning of the third embryonic stage. The needs of a developing child Is the need for Movement. The child has a need to explore, move and take advantage of their environment around them. The need for Language Development; the child needs to have the opportunity to speak and to be listened to and to hear good spoken language. The need for Independence; never do for a child that of what he can do himself. The need for Love and Security; constant reassurance of love and good quality time spent with the child is essential. The need for Discipline;...

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