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Sexual activity is described to be any sexual activities associated with sexual intercourse. However, sexual activity is often categorized as either normal or perverted. Two analytic philosophers, Thomas Nagel and Alan Goldman, described their views on natural sexual activity and sexual desire versus abnormal sex and sexual desire.
Thomas Nagel, who is a professor of philosophy and law, borrows his ideas relating sexual desire from the well-known French philosopher, Jean-Paul Sartre. Nagel is able to give human beings his insight of who we are, specifically our sexual desires. There are three general conditions that an accurate account would have to meet relating perversion. The first one ...view middle of the document...

One who is psychologically different has a different taste of sex, compared to those who consider sexual intercourse to be between and a woman.
Nagel believes that normal sexual activity and sexual desire is the result “in the increasing mutual embodiment of both persons through a reciprocal awareness of their emotional responses” (33). According to Sartre, we want a partner who is mutually engaged in sexuality. Nagel shares an example using Romeo and Juliet to illustrate a model for the audience reading his article. He starts off with Romeo and Juliet on opposite ends of a cocktail lounge. This cocktail lounge is covered with mirror walls, where one can notice the other without the other knowing so at all. So Romeo notices Juliet, without Juliet knowing, causing him to become aroused. Then, Juliet notices Romeo without him knowing, causing her to become aroused. Next, Romeo again senses Juliet, but this time she senses him, causing Romeo’s arousal to increase. And now Juliet senses Romeo, with him sensing her, causing her to become more aroused as well. After, with both of the recognizing each other, they would most likely begin to talk and get to know each other, resulting in possible dating and even more intimate actions, like kissing and sex. Nagel’s account for natural sex explains his views on how certain actions may lead to sexual activity, normal sexual activity.
Alan Goldman draws into account that there is a choice between sex and love. However, it is commonly confused with one another. He states there are fewer adolescent marriages based on...

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