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Photography of death has always been a big deal in America. From dead solders in Vietnam to 9/11 American have always been torn from morality and freedom of speech. In Nora Ephron’s writing, A Boston Photographs, Ephron gives a detailed background on behind the photographs origin, the following events and multiple opinions ensued after the publication of The Boston Photographs including her own, and how photojournalism can be more impactful than journalism itself.
In A Boston Photograph Ephron starts out by giving a background on the photos and how the photos were capture and explains how the photographer wasn’t trying to capture shocking photographs but was instead was taking pictures of ...view middle of the document...

After that she focused on the other side and how many writers went to defend themselves during this time by using surveys, writing explanations, and how the photos showed the truth of what happened instead of trying to water it down.
She showed great poise showing why one side had the right to be angry and why the other thought it was the right thing to do. She also made good point of her own opinion and why she thought it was right and the deeper understanding why people were so appalled by these photos.
The reaction of multiple sources was another tool she used to get her point across. She first used the opinion of the opposing public, using examples off of the letter to the editor section and how many believed it was an invasion of one privacy during their final moments in life and how the matter of the woman falling to her death should have been taken with more respect by not publishing them for the world to see. Other thought it was a ploy for the writers and editors to get more attention and business for their newspaper and themselves. The style of it was to focus more on the more extreme and less rational comments that seemed over reactive and comedic at times to help move the reader into a more neutral mindset if not there already.
She also showed the views of the writers and editors and how they didn’t even question the photos, instead wondered how to use them in the most productive way for the reader. Along with that, she focused on Washington Post’s former managing editor Charles Seib and his opinion on the integrity of an editor and how the role of the job has to act more on printing news instead on how people will react.
She finished the essay off with her opinion and how she thought that the photos captured more readers and pushed a better point...

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