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TDSB e-Summer School 2015ENG4UE: English University PrepCourse Outline |
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A regular time will be set up following our first week of classes and we will have Adobe Connect meetings every day.

Course Description
This course emphasizes the consolidation of the literacy, communication, and critical and creative thinking skills necessary for success in academic and daily life. Students will analyze a range of challenging literary texts from various periods, countries, and cultures; interpret and evaluate informational and graphic texts; and create oral, written, and media texts in a variety of forms. An important focus will ...view middle of the document...


Course WorkYour achievement will be assessed during each unit to determine how well you are progressing towards achieving the expectations. Feedback will be provided to enable you to improve; therefore, you must complete all of these formative assessments.  Summative evaluations will include tests, as well as individual and group projects.  These evaluations will be used to determine your level of achievement and your semester mark.Course work accounts for 70% of your final mark and is broken down as follows:Knowledge and Understanding  - 25%Application  - 25%Communication  -25%Thinking  - 25%Final EvaluationYou will complete a final summative evaluation that covers the entire course as a final opportunity to demonstrate your achievement.  There will be a final course culminating activity and a final examination that you will write at school during exams with a proctor.Final Evaluation accounts for the final 30% of your mark and is broken down as follows:Culminating essay - 10%Culminating multimedia project - 10%Exam - 10% |

The final grade will be determined as follows
(in accordance with Ministry of Education standards):
Term Work * Based on evaluations from throughout the course | 70% |
Summative Evaluation * Culminating Activity 20% * Exam 10% | 30% |

Learning Skills Assessment

Skills:  ResponsibilityOrganizationIndependent WorkCollaborationInitiativeSelf-regulation | Rating Scale:  E – ExcellentG – GoodS – SatisfactoryN – Needs Improvement |

Evaluation Due Dates

Unit | Assessments & Evaluations | Due Date | Ultimate Due Date | Weighting(100%) | Category |
Orientation | e-Summer Orientation Module | June 25 | N/A | n/a | N/A |
Unit 1:Toolbox | Activity 1: Grammar ReviewCitations Review at: 2: Academic Citation: Required ReadingList of Approved Novels: | June 29 | ongoing course expectations | n/a | N/A |
| Activity 3: Plagiarism Response (dropbox) | June 30 | July 2 | 3% | KU |
| Activity 4: Essay StructureAssignment 1 (dropbox) | July 2 | July 3 | 4% | A |
| Activity 6: Editing the EssayAssignment 1 PostAssignment 1 Responses | July 2July 3 | N/A | 3% | C...

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