“Nonverbal Communication Tends To Provide The Context Of Verbal Communication And Has The Power To Disambiguate Or Invalidate The Content Of Linguistics Expressions“–Krippendorff. Discuss And Provide Relevant Evidence To Justify Your Arguments

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1.0 INTRODUCTIONCommunication is very important to us as we need to give and receive any types of information to move on with our daily routines. Yet, communication is significant with language. The significance here is that language is the medium of interaction to form a communication. Language varies according to place and culture and as well as the background. A good language alone uncertainly provides an effective communication to happen in the society. If the sender sends incorrect information, it would not become an effective communication.2.0 DISCUSSIONKlaus Krippendorff came out with a famous mind-set which links communication and language. Nevertheless, based on his statement, there ...view middle of the document...

Physical here means it involves personal way of communication which includes facial expressions, tone of voice, sense of touch, sense of smells and body motions. Aesthetic, on the other hand refers to creative expressions to communicate for instance playing the guitar, painting and dancing. Aesthetic basically is merely valuing art through how you express it to communicate with one another. Signs and symbols can be confusing, but signs are mechanical type of communication which is shows important signs to tell someone something without writing or saying it out. This happens for the example of using horns, the 21 gunshots for salutation and even signal of flags and even the colour of the flags. Symbolic on the other hand refers more to symbols which has shapes in it and which make us of religion, statues and any forms of shapes.In addition verbal communication can be defined as the basis of communication which one use face-to-face communication which is by using spoken and written elements in communicating. Here it's vital where a language takes place to communicate. We can see the differences between verbal and nonverbal communication, how both express themselves in different ways. This is the main reason Krippendorff"s theory can be argued as he said nonverbal communication tends to provide the context of verbal communication. We would discuss this further in the latter part of the essay.Let us go back to the third word, disambiguate. Disambiguate is a verb which means to show clearly the differences between two or more word, phrases or even a homophones which are similar in meanings. Nonverbal functions the disambiguation process well in this concept like what has been said by Krippendorff. Invalidate on the other hand means to prove an idea, a story, an argument, which is wrong. The second meaning for invalidate is if one invalidate a document, contact or even and election, you make it no longer legally or officially valued and acceptable. [2: Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (International Students Edition, 7th) edition (page 413)][3: Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary International Students Edition, 7th ) edition (page 786)]Therefore this four words will lead me to the main points of this essay where we would be talking about functions of verbal and nonverbal communication, the function of disambiguate and invalidation and the relationship between nonverbal and verbal communication with disambiguation and invalidation.Communication without functions is meaningless, therefore the next element that I am going to discuss about the function of the types of communication which are verbal and nonverbal communication. As we know communicating functions as sending and receiving information therefore, verbal communication helps us to interpret the functions. We do know that verbal communication involves writing and speaking, so it takes place in various situations like in meetings, daily conversations with peers, writing a letter to a loved one...

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