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Nonverbal Communication In The Context Of Managerial Communication

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Nonverbal communication in the context of managerial communication


Communication is exchanging and sharing information, ideas and message. Each and every day, in every social interaction, we communicate our feelings, attitudes, thoughts and concerns using a definite medium or pattern. Communication has two major forms namely Nonverbal communication and Verbal communication. In our conversation we use both verbal and nonverbal forms to convey and support the message to be sent.
Verbal communication can be defined as a primary vehicle that organizations use to maintain contact with their internal and external environment. Verbal communication is divided in ...view middle of the document...

The communication process can be describe by the way information flows from the time it is conveyed till the time it reaches its intended recipient and ultimately gather an answer from the recipient. The fundamentals of typical communication process in terms of logical order are as follows:

▪ Sender:
A sender initiates the communication process, e.g. a manager giving instruction to the employees.

▪ Message
The message is a transmitted idea, thought or feeling that may be intentional, deliberate or unintentional. It is consists of verbal and non verbal symbols to hand over the meaning to the receiver, e.g. the manager should describe the purpose of the message and construct each message with the receiver.

▪ Encoding
The process of translating the intended meaning into symbols (words and gestures) is encoding. The person who gets the thought or idea feels the need to communicate. Idea is encoded when it is formed. Then the encoded idea takes the shapes of message and sent to communicate using proper media.

▪ Channel
The medium of delivering the message is called the channel such as printing, mass, electrical, analogue or digital. Speed, cost, convenience, intelligibility, timing, feedback option, documentation etc are some factors to consider while selecting a medium. It is very important to choose the right medium for a particular message as it may highly influence the feedback process.

▪ Receiver
Receiver is any person (It is not necessary that the receiver is in the appropriate channel of communication, receiver can be outsider, client etc) who notices and interprets the message according to self-perception, feelings, backgrounds, ideas and beliefs.

▪ Decoding
After receiving the message the receiver starts to understand the message by a process of decoding where verbal and nonverbal words and symbols are involved to the message to give a meaning. As differences in perception are present between receiver and sender the message may not be interpreted accurately.

▪ Feedback
Feedback is the basic response of the receiver to the interpreted message. During feedback the receiver is the sender. It provides the initial information to the sender about the achievement of the communication. Feedback gives the foundation and chance to ensure that the message was interpreted accurately.

▪ Noise
Noise is anything that distorts or distracts the exchange of message through interference or disturbance. Three types of noises are identified as barrier of effective communication: physical, psychological and semantic noise for example car screeching, sunglasses, biases and prejudices, jargon, technical or complex terms.
This figure showing the communication process.
Nonverbal communication:
The scientific study of nonverbal communication began 125 years ago with the work of Charles...

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