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Non Traditional Employment For Eomen Essay

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Non-traditional Employment for Women: Past and Present issues

Purpose: To explore some of the problems and solutions of women seeking and / or working in traditionally male dominated fields.

1. A historical perspective from 100 years ago
In 1918 the U.S. was involved in World War 1 and was in an economically “geared up” phase of producing materials for war. During this same time countries on the front lines were doing the same, if able. In January 1918, Richard Barry spoke with labor leader James Lynch for an article in the New York Times (Barry, 1918). Lynch was very adamant about the adverse effects of using women as “replacement workers” for men who were at war. During this time ...view middle of the document...

Most trade unions accepted 10% while the carpenters union set its goal at 15%(Correal,2007). Many practices were changed such as separate toilets and locker rooms for females, a distinct lack of pornography hanging in tool cribs, and a changed attitude on the part of most of the men. If an apprentice can pull her weight, she is accepted. (Correal,2007) The program is still going strong, a case in point is Shannon Darling. She has a degree in construction technology, but before entering the program she couldn’t find work. Even after graduating she had to wait for a spot to open in the union. This wait lasted a year.(Finn,2010)
b. 60 Minutes
In 1999, Lesley Stahl produced a segment for the television show 60 Minutes. This segment was about women in construction. Included was a story of a carpenter who testified before a congressional sub-committee. When asked if the work was too hard and dirty she replied that as a certified nurses aid she made minimum wage and routinely lifted heavy loads and did lots of dirty tasks. No one asked if it as too hard or too dirty. Now as a carpenter she makes $14 an hour is asked if its too hard and dirty.(LaCivita,1999)
c. The Federal Government
“the role of women in the workplace should be defined by their training and abilities, not by their gender” Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis. The Federal Government has and is instituting programs to help integrate women into jobs traditionally male dominated. In particular the Women’s Bureau with its Employment and Training Administration’s Office of Apprenticeship which oversees programs to recruit women into areas of employment traditionally exclusive to men. The Department of Labor announced $1.8 million in grants for six apprenticeship programs for women entering into non-traditional fields.(J. of E.,2010) Other notable grants include $300,000 to Women in Non-Traditional Employment Roles {WINTER} for the program Partnership for Success: Electrical Mentoring Programs Offering Women Extra Resources {EMPOWER}. The EMPOWER program will educate employers on the benefits of hiring women as well as give technical education to women applying for those jobs.(Sanchez, 2010)This is just the latest grant to your profile pic to a cartoon character from your childhood. The goal is to not see a human face till December 6th. Join the fight against child abuse. Repost this as your status and encourage your friends to do the...

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