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The Gift of Life is a community-based program that provides educations services to men who have been convicted of a felony and are trying to regain employment in their community. We provide the support they need to help them in their daily living. We are a private corporation that receives funding through state and federal sources as well as private pay from volunteer and outside agencies.
The trouble the men are experiencing in today’s society is they have some past issues that have gotten in the way of the future. Every man involved has either been convict on a drug charge, gun, or even driving while license ...view middle of the document...

Since making the mistake time has passed and they have changed and deserve a second chance. We have men that are father and can’t provide for their children and where does that live the family? It leaves them behind, homeless, and still living in a life style that doesn’t product positivity. Even when it comes to men who are on child support; his license is suspended because he didn’t pay for his child because loving him in not enough. So when he can’t pay because he is a convicted felon and can’t get a job how does the system help him? It doesn’t to tries to break him so all he knows is to go back to the streets, selling drugs and carrying a gun to survive; then he is a second time offender.
Our program will be designed to help a man in struggle not discredit him for the first mistake nor push him out there to make a second mistake. The causes of funding this program will affect the nation because they not only will your funding help give back to the community; it is helping men be productive in their homes and not in the system that want to stop men from being men and treat them like little boys. This program gives back to men who have been in the struggle and never understood how to make better decision because of their upbringing.
The program is designed to help men not feel as if they have lost anything in their life but to rebuild and restructure their life so that each individual will gain the confidence in what is required of them to live in society. The program helps me get back into the work environment without holding their past over their head which is clearly a mistake that was made in their youth and now that they have paid the price for the crime they commitment it is time to give back to society as a positive impact of leadership.

Mission Statement:
The Gift of Life is a community-based program that provides residential services to men who have been convicted of a felony. We provide individuals our program with the support they need to help them in their daily living. We are a private corporation that receives funding through state and federal sources and the Department of Community Health.
This mission statement supports the ethical system by addresses the needs of the clientele as a whole. It focus is the population it serves which is what the focus is supposed to be about as well as the purpose of the organization and professional behavior. The message the mission statement send to the community is that the organizations aims at enhancing the lives of those they serve by providing an exceptional leadership with compassion. It also informs the community that the organization is there to help men maintain a healthier lifestyle without judgment or prejudice to the individual or their situation. The message also informed the communities that they plan to impact the community by promoting a more positive imagine while helping people who have been convict of a felony. The purpose of the organization is not to make a profit,...

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