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Non Profit Grant Essay

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Many female veterans returning to the civilian life and having served for terms greater than 10 years find themselves out of touch with the civilian work place and what is considered appropriate. This lack of knowledge puts them at a disadvantage when competing for civilian employment and other routine civilian organizations. Many organizations with veteran transition programs have programs geared toward the universal veteran…the male veteran. Most job fairs, employment opportunities and seminars are based on the veteran having been a male. Pumps and Purses on Purpose (P&PoP) will bridge the gap between and provide specific needs for female veteran’s transition ...view middle of the document...

The church has agreed to rent P&PoP a large area in the Community Center to operate. The equipment needed will be 6 laptops, 5 student desks, 1 all-in-one printer/fax/scanner, 1 projector, 1 42 inch HDMI capable television, 1 DVD player, external speakers, 3 long table, 10 folding chairs, 4 storage closets, 2 file cabinets, 1 executive desk and chair, 1 small refrigerator, office supplies, white board with markers

Program Plan
Each day the staff will to work together to meet the needs of the female veterans who enter the program. Each member of the staff will present themselves in a professional and courteous manner. Staff members will be well versed in every aspect of the program.
Daily Plan
0800 – 0900 - Staff Roll Up
0900- 1000 – Email/administrative time
0900 – 1000 – (Wed/Thurs) - Seminars
1000-1200 – Morning appointments
1200 – 1300 – Lunch
1300 – 1500 – Afternoon appointments
1300 – 1500 – (Tues and Wed) Clothing Closet Opens
1500 – 1600 – Staff Roll Up
Job Descriptions:
- Program Director – Manages the coordination and administration of all ongoing program planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and monitoring of program activities. Develops initiatives to support the direction of this organization. Develops and implements goals and objectives to achieve the successful outcome of the program. Manages an annual budget and operating plan to support the program and to ensure the continuous delivery of services. Ensures all activities are within the policies and procedures of the organization. Ensure that program activities comply with all laws and state and national standards. Develops standards to document program activities. Recruits, interviews and selects program staff in accordance with human resource rules and regulations.
- Volunteer/Membership Coordinator –Iidentify, track and manage all volunteers. Create volunteer application and review process. Establish volunteer orientation, training and background check requirements for all volunteers. Supervise all volunteers. Increase public awareness of P&PoP in the community. Be a visible advocate in the community as an advocate for the program. Manage outreach to create more volunteer support for the programs. Prepare volunteer status reports.

- Marketing Director - Plans, develops and implements all of the organization’s marketing, communications, and public relations activities. Manages the development and implementation of marketing materials and services for the program. Directs the activities of the marketing, communications and public relations staff. Maintain a favorable public image for the program at all times.


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