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Non Market Strategy Essay

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That the developed since strategic management theory, Enterprise strategy Mainly in product and market as the core to arrange (corporate). However, the actual business affected by the market and non market factors in reality, more and more enterprises realize, government regulation and policy, public support, stakeholders, the news media are they get an important source of competitive advantage. Enterprises through the prompted the government to Competitor Or Substitute Manufacturer imposed regulation, or win over rivals more preferential policies, or through some Policy Influence of upstream and downstream enterprises to win for a supply of sth. ability, so as to win the comparative ...view middle of the document...

Corporate political action (corporate political activity) and political strategy (corporate political strategy) study to become a unique area of intersection between business management and political science, the main objective is to study how to make the enterprise actively through different behavior influencing and shaping favorable government policies on the enterprise from the angle of the enterprise (Amy J.Hillman, Gerald D.Keim, Douglas Schuler).

Around the market transaction

Hirschman put forward the term of non market, that all organizations will be fading, need to use non market power that political mechanisms for their correction. But compared with the market factors closely around the market, supply and demand, non market factors itself is a complex system.Non market strategyIn addition to government intervention in the market, the western society itself has undergone profound changes in the century after 50 time, these changes are almost completely changed the strategy of the business environment, for example, Environmental pollution Commercial fraud, infringement, The rights and interests of consumers Employee discrimination, a lot of social problems aroused strong resentment among the public, be raging like a storm of western social movement, the feminist movement, the consumer movement, environmental movement is advancing wave upon wave, this situation has greatly changed the external environment of enterprises, this also makes enterprises pay more attention to the social responsibility of these. Just the same as the political factors, the social factors have a direct impact on enterprise development, also gradually into the corporate strategic decision makers view.

"Non market institutions"

Kenneth Arrow (1963) put forward the "non market institutions of society" (non market social institution) concept, corporate social responsibility and business ethics have gradually become the main content of business management, corporate social image and social reputation for stability Profit , an important guarantee to promote the development of the enterprise. In the modern western society, the market, The government And Community Consists of three relatively independent and related system, together with the development of the whole social economy operation. The traditional business only on the market, but now the company has become a core mechanism, a need to government policy directly into the influencing factors system of enterprise development, on the other hand the enterprise and the community public relation and dependence is strengthened greatly, and the rapid development of mass media and modern communication technology, urges the enterprise through the market and Media And the whole society into one. Therefore, only based on the enterprise market strategy has been unable to meet the needs of enterprise development, non market strategy has many scholars, business circles.

The theoretical research

In the Enterprise...

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