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Nolan Case Essay

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Decrease or Replace

Khadijah McGill
MKTG 3506
Instructor: Mary Conran
March 1, 2011

Category Captain (Levy & Weitz, 2009, p. 333) 2
Editing the Assortment (Levy & Weitz, 2009, p. 350) 3
Assortment (Levy & Weitz, 2009, p. 349) 3
Product availability (Levy & Weitz, 2009, p. 352) 4
Variety (Levy & Weitz, 2009, p. 242) 4

Nolan Finest Food is a food and drug combo store in San Francisco. They have received information that a competitor named Valumart will be opening ten new food and drug combo stores throughout Nolan’s market. In response ...view middle of the document...

Exhibit one thru three represents the national trends in the shampoo category and trends in supermarkets. These reports can help build an idea of which brands to start off with in evaluating what is making profits nationally and what is making profits for Nolan. The competitor Valumart would more than likely use the same statics to get a sense on what to put in their new stores and will start with the category captain. Nolan would already have an advantage on this aspect because they would know what the favorites in their market are compared to the national markets. Exhibit four tells management how Nolan sales are doing compared to the national sales. This information can tell what changes need to be made or if a particular product is just not a heavy seller in Nolan’s market. There could be a need for editing the assortment if product sales are not at a good level for a category. Exhibit five thru six concentrated on an analysis of Nolan and the competition based off product mix and pricing. With these reports management can identify one way competition is beating Nolan profits, by evaluating if it because of better pricing or assortment of products. Nolan may want to adjust their pricing or mix as a response to these results. These analyses give a lead way for Nolan to start from that can beneficial. All the reports can be an insight to what things to base the slow seller list off from.
The “knock out the slow seller “approach to category management is when someone makes a list of slow sellers in the category and then try to replace these slow sellers with new products or increase the shelf space for existing products. “Category management can enable manufacturers to more accurately judge consumer buying patterns, product sales and market trends of categories”. (Jason Busch) The last quotes describe why it is so important to follow category management for a chance of advancement with in Nolan’s Company. Nolan has also recently installed in the past year an information system that makes this task easier to do. For example there could be five shampoos by Dove, Pantene, Herbal Essences, Suave, and Head and Shoulder that are the main choices in the shampoo category provided by Nolan. Ignacio does the necessary research through the information system and finds out that Herbal Essence and Head and Shoulder sales are the lowest. With the “knock out the slow seller” approach the options to turn that ratio around to positive would include substitution or decrease of quantity. With the Nation trend analysis Ignacio can find that another brand such as Garnier Fructis shampoo is showing to be profitable and decide...

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