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Nokia's New Home In Romania Essay

672 words - 3 pages

Nokia’s New Home in Romania

LaToya Webb

BUS 302
Dr. Chris Hase
Strayer University
May 23, 2010
Nokia’s New Home in Romania

Identify at least two reasons Romanians are motivated to obtain a job at Nokia’s new factory in Cluji. Romanians are motivated to obtain a job at Nokia’s new factory, because it will put an end to poverty that was left behind by a repressive communist dictatorship. Obtaining a job at Nokia will give them an opportunity to earn a better income and give them much needed benefits; to provide better for their families. Also, they would be eager to work for a multinational company that will provide training and advancement.

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The threat of punishment is another example of extrinsic motivation. When an employee, feels that their job is on the line; they will put up the extra effort to make sure that their job is protected. Trophies are extrinsic incentives that encourage employees to do well on their jobs. Competition is one, because it makes the employees want win and do better than the others; not to enjoy the intrinsic rewards of it.

Identify at least two ways Nokia motivates global managers to cooperate with each other and share their knowledge and expertise. Two ways Nokia motivates global managers to cooperate with other and share their knowledge and expertise is one, by giving factory chief’s financial incentives to help each other rather than competing and hoarding information. Giving bonuses to that are tied to overall manufacturing operations; when one plant is not operating at top efficiency, everyone feels it in their paychecks.

Update the case information by using at least (2) data sources in addition to the text....

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