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Noise Pollution: Practical Solutions To A Serious Problem

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  Noise Pollution:   Practical Solutions to a Serious Problem

            Noise pollution is a growing concern for most Americans.  It is a problem because many city, suburban, and rural areas are affected.  Noise creeps into our cars, our homes, and schools and disrupts everything.  Noise pollution is a more harmful pollutant than most think.  Medical evidence proves that noise can have detrimental physical and psychological effects upon a person.  It is a danger to one's mental health, it interrupts the learning development of children, and it hinders sleep.

The physical consequences of short-term exposure to noise pollution can result in higher blood pressure and cholesterol ...view middle of the document...

  Lykouresis often complained to his neighbors about the music but they never cared.  Now the old man is serving two life sentences in a Greek prison (Geary 1).

One of the most awful burdens of noise pollution is that it negatively interferes with learning development.  The children most affected by noise, are those who live near railroads, airports, cities, and those that grow up in noisy homes (Bronzaft 10).
Thomas states that, “In 3 schools around 1 airport there were between 40 and 60 interruptions per day, resulting in a loss of 10 to 20 minutes per day in each classroom”(18).  A Cornell University study proved that children had an overall trouble of distinguishing human voices.  Because of the noise pollution that constantly surrounded them, the researchers concluded that the children probably mentally cut out some of the sound, which includes the teachings and instruction of their teachers.  Author Vincent Kiernan writes, "Because reading skills are in part acquired by listening to others, ignoring speech hampers their development" (Kiernan 1). This study is an important because it undoubtedly relates noise pollution and learning.
One study shows that noise threatens a good night's sleep, which in turn can have a negative impact on the following day.  Any daily task, such as driving or working, may be difficult.  Because of a shortened attention span, due to the loss of sleep, accidents are likely to occur (Bronzaft 9).

The United States is a nation with a growing number of people with hearing problems.  10 million people experience hearing impairment due to noise (McCabe 3). The danger level of noise is 85 decibels and higher, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (McCabe 4, Singleton 3).  Sound over this rate can cause significant damage to the ear.  One type of hearing loss, sensorineural deafness, is mostly associated with overexposure to loud noise. Damage usually begins with the ripping out of the delicate hair cells by extremely loud noise (Doheny 3). The major causes of this type of hearing loss are loud music and job related noise.

Being surrounded by loud music over a period of time is one of the main causes of hearing damage (Young 2).  The level at a rock concert is 130 to 140 decibels (Singleton 3, Doheny 3), if one spends more than 18 minutes at a concert; they are in danger of losing their hearing (McCabe 5).  Kathy Peck, an executive director of a group set up to warn others about the perils of loud music, Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers, admits that she lost almost half her hearing playing in a loud band for years (3).  The loud rock music of the 90’s is a reason for some concern for many teens today.  Surprisingly, one can suffer from hearing damage temporarily or possibly permanently from a short but loud burst of noise (Ward 106).  Paul Moen, a production manager, who lost his hearing in his left ear because of a single incident- a gun shot, set off at close range. ...

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