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“No Vacancy”
The number of heroin-related deaths has increased nearly 160 percent since the year 2010, and the numbers continue to spike. What if the addict knew that they were able to test their limits, thanks to the new antidote, Narcan? Narcan is used to reverse an overdose and push out any existing opiates that may be in the users system and is supposed to save the addict, who otherwise would not have lived to see another day. Some argue that because of this antidote, it has taken away the fear of death to the users and is not a fix at all, but more of an enabler. Treatment and resources for treatment are not mandated after they are saved, so is this really a solution, or just a quick ...view middle of the document...

There has also been an opiate antagonists approved by the FDA, which is a monthly injection that blocks the action of opioid and is being used to treat alcoholism and to prevent relapse to opioid abuse, Vivitrol. It generally costs $1,100.00 a month but is offered for free by some detoxification centers after completion of the detox program. The problem here is a 5-7 day stay at a detox center can easily run a whopping $3,000.00. Why are we not making sure there are beds available at these centers for the suffering addicts? How come we cannot come up with funding for these matters, but can pay out thousands of dollars for the Pope to visit Philadelphia?
Salvatore Marchese was a 26 year old from Blackwood NJ who battled addiction for 5 years before being found dead in his mothers’ vehicle with an empty bag and a syringe. 4 months prior, he walked into an E.R desperate and ill, seeking help with his addiction. He was turned away and told that heroin withdrawal is not life-threatening and they refused to admit him. He stayed up all night calling treatment centers, only to be told countless times that he’d be placed on a waiting list or that there was not enough funding available. Marchese had to lie and tell them over a phone screening that he was also under the influence of alcohol, and since alcohol withdrawal is life threatening, he received immediate placement. The county was only able to place him for 17 days before funding ran out, and three months later is when his lifeless body was found. Had his illness be treated as just that, an illness, he would still be with us today.
Narcan is available over the counter and training on how to administer it is offered for anyone willing to learn. Methadone clinics only require you to fail a drug test and from that day forward they provide you with the dosage required to keep the withdrawals at bay for $11 a visit, but what happens when the addict cannot make it to their appointment? What option does the user have other than to get high or suffer the gut wrenching withdrawals? Suboxone clinics are also very...

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