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No Time To Waste Essay

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Jade Morton
Science/Nature Essay

Space Invaders
I hate to even touch the trash bins that are behind my house, but the trash has to be taken out every Monday night or Tuesday morning before Sneed, our trash man, comes to pick it up. Before I get a chance to open the bin I hear something scurrying around in the trash bin, banging up against the insides. I freak out! I don’t even want to know what is in there. I panic, screaming my dad’s name like he could actually hear me as he watches the NBA game in the front of the house in the family room. I calm myself down and talk myself into just peeping to see exactly what is in the bin. I grab the patio broom that lay against one of the back ...view middle of the document...

Were they invading our space or were we invading theirs?
The raccoon has been able to use urban areas as a habitat. The first sightings were recorded in a suburb of Cincinnati in the 1920s. Fruit and insects in gardens and leftovers in municipal waste are easily available food sources. Furthermore, a large number of additional sleeping areas exist in these areas, such as hollows in old garden trees, cottages, garages, abandoned houses, and attics.
I decided to sit my mother down after she cussed out the animal control personnel over the telephone because there was nothing that they could do to capture or contain a wild animal. At that point a discussion had to be held about the alleged invasion of space. I simply tried to make her understand this. Let’s do a role reversal. Hypothetically speaking, if our family; my mom, dad, brother, and myself were stranded in the wilderness, what would we do? My mom, being her bad-mannered self, immediately rolled her eyes at me like I was the enemy and spewed out a few choice curse words that was later said to be directed at the raccoons and not towards me.
Are the instincts of an animal in nature so different from the instincts of a human in the “human world”? As a mother, the well being of your family would be an instinctual characteristic in a crisis situation. Food, shelter, and survival would be at the top of the list if stranded in an unknown place. If there was no available food, would we really ask the fish that’s in a lake could we capture and eat him/her so that we wouldn’t starve? Would we ask the animals in the area could we share with them the fruits that grow on bushes or on trees so that we could survive? Instinctually we would take from what was provided to us in the unknown area such as a...

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