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Comparative Analysis of Christianity and Buddhism
Maria-Goretti Etor
Grand Canyon University
Professor Todd Fowler
May 31st, 2015

This paper gives an extensive view at the accompanying beliefs: Buddhism and Christianity. The reader will see the way Buddhism is even more a reasoning than a religion that ...view middle of the document...

Monotheism brought about Christianity which became the largest religion for the modern world with similar beliefs to other religions such as Buddhism. These two basic religions are still in use today after several years of development. These are Christianity and Buddhism, considered to be the two distinctive religious practices of the world. Both cover a large section of the world population and affect masses of people. They took their roots from other older religions. Christianity began from Judaism in the Roman province of Judah about 33 A.D. while Buddhism arose from Hinduism in Nepal, India about 536 B. C. E. There as a blowout of Buddhism from east India to the northern and western parts of the country, upwards in Asia, eastwards down the Silk Road and the south to nearby Islands. Christianity sprang up from Judea upwards to the Mediterranean Sea, and then became the world’s dominant religion, both religion are alive and powerful today. The world still ponders at “what is the best religion today”? Research shows that each country has its own culture with diverse system of beliefs, this is said to be the cause for so many religions in the world today, such as Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Baha’i. Studies shows that each religion has its own features making it difficult to identify the best religion in the world, this paper gives an extensive view at the associated beliefs of these two religious sects Buddhism and Christianity. The reader will see the way Buddhism is more of a reasoning than a religion that focuses on the brain similar to the inventor of disease and wellbeing. The reader will likewise find that Buddhism and Christianity are all religions that have confidence in one God, the inventor of all. This writing shows the different segments that each of these religions may use at some time to impact mending including petition to God, reflection, droning, the utilization of healers, and so on. It additionally describes what is important to individuals when cared for by providers whose convictions contrast from their own. These two religious sects have numerous peculiarities and differences, their differences outstand other religions.
Buddhism denies the existence of one God as they do not directly reference any god but are revolving around its founder. A Buddhist believes the world operates under natural laws and power. Buddhism defy the Buddha and worships other gods. The Buddhist believes you can break the cycle of reincarnation by a blowing out of yourself. In Buddhism there is no such thing as sinning against the Supreme Being. With the Buddhist human lives does not have any worth but temporally existence, no eternal soul, getting rid of all desires both good and bad, they place no value on this life. Buddhism is a religion with no rituals. Buddhism denies the perception of an eternal God. Buddha is a religion that is bereft...

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