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No More Orphanages Essay

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[Type text] [Type text] [Type text]DoCarmo, 5Genilson DoCarmoDecember 9th, 2013ESL Written 310ProfessorEssay #5 ArgumentativeNo More OrphanagesSamuel Johnson once said: "Hell is paved with good intentions." Unfortunately, the good people from the West are taking a long time to understand that good intentions are more about us than them. Our emotional well-being should not be the determining factor when analyzing if our help is good or bad, especially when dealing with the affairs of children in distress. Residential care for children such as group homes, institutional care, and orphanages have proved for far too long that it doesn't have the best interest of children at their core. ...view middle of the document...

It is a great irony that Westerners would invest in something that promotes dependency. Since individualism and independency are important aspects of any children growing up in a developed country. Why support an institution that has a high potential to develop hyper dependent people?Another reason is that orphanage is an offense against basic child's right. The UN Convention on the Rights of Child (CRC) states on the Article 9 - 1 "a child shall not be separated from his or her parents against their will". If separation is necessary, it must be done "for the best interests of the child". It is known that the USA and Somalia didn't sign this convention, but by no means it removes the common sense ingrained in the CRC. Are we naïve to the point of thinking that it is in the best interest of a child to grow up in a clean institution and not in a dust home with his or her family? Even assuming that every orphanage is able to provide the best care ever, we should ask ourselves some of the important questions mentioned in this essay. Many violations have been made because of good intentions. The lives of thousands of children have been ruined, and to this very day many more are being ruined, because of the main streaming way to address children in distress. If orphanages were a good solution for the problem, most certainly the majority of the developed countries would not have extinguished them.The final reason is the fact that orphanage causes the breakdown of families. An intriguing controversy involving orphanage is the misconception about poverty. It seams that to be a poor family is a disease or something to this nature. How can we predispose ourselves to be committed with such an agenda? How can we forget that there is dignity, even when someone is poor? The consequence of that misconception is brutal; families are literally being torn apart. According with the same research, cited above, almost half of the population of orphanage residents was placed there because of poverty. Furthermore, research found that 80% of the children in residential care in Cambodia have one or both parents. What a price we are willing to pay to support such failed system! As it is stated in research, orphanages are actually contributing to breaking the family unity; moreover,...

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