No Longer School Days Essay

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Natasha Bronson
American Literature
D. Walker
17 December 2010
No Longer School Days
School should not be lengthened by two hours for the student will be able to receive extra help with their homework. Every day, a lot of teenagers spend six to eight hours in America’s high schools, which is already enough time. Even though school being lengthened would be to help the students it should not happen because it would cause safety issues, interfere with extracurricular activities, and it would be overwhelming.
First of all, school hours shouldn’t be lengthened by two hours because of safety issues. The later it is in the day, the darker it gets especially during the commute. Some students with working parents wouldn’t be able to be picked up in the later day. They would have to take the bus, and they wouldn’t feel comfortable on the bus. They don’t know who they could walk into after they get out the bus ...view middle of the document...

My finale reason of why school days should not be lengthened is because I would become overwhelming .On the school time schedule we have now, students tend to get lazy, tired, and lose focus towards the end of the day. Just image how they would be with an extra two hours. The students would feel over worked and think it’s too much for them to handle, and then drop-out From Sunlen Miller of ABC News says,” Calling the dropout rate a ‘crisis’ that the nation cannot afford to accept, or ignore,” and Maureen Downey of AJC says,” New national dropout rates: 25 percent of all students; nearly 40 percent of black and Hispanic kids fail to graduate on time.” If students feel like school is starting to be too much for them they start leaving.
Many people agree the school being lengthened because it can keep students off the streets and out of trouble. It only keeps them out of trouble when they’re in the school. When the get out of school they could still do all the trouble they want just at a different time. Or some people might say with them getting the extra help after school they learn more, but the cant learn more if they start to lose focus because they’re tired from the normal school schedule.
In conclusion, I do not think that the school days should be lengthened. It could hurt the students, make them feel unsafe, and stop them from join an extracurricular activity.

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