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No Country For Old Men Essay

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Daisha Bouie
Philosophy 1320
Themes of No Country for Old Men
The film No Country for Old Men is about the paths of three men who are looking for each other but never seem to. The first man goes by the name of Llewelyn Moss, who gets ahold of two million dollars of drug money from a cartel deal. The second man, Anton Chigurh, an amoral serial killer who bases his decisions from psychotic fury and the flip of a coin. And the third is Sherriff Tom Ed Bell who tries to save Moss from the monster he knows Chigurh can be. The film takes place in West Texas, era 1980. There’s plenty of themes that tie into the story written by Cormac McCarthy. But fate, morals, and nihilism are some ...view middle of the document...

I say that Moss’ morality is questionable because even though he was told that his wife, Carla Jean, would die if he didn’t give up the money his desire for revenge and wealth lead to her death and his own. It is unethical to use another life as means to an end. If he would have stayed morally correct and not taken the money from the get go, both of their lives could have been saved. As well as many others Chigurh decided to take while on the search for Moss. It seems as if Chigurh lives off of a different system of morality. He pays no mind to Aristotle’s ideas of good traits that make man good and mainly focuses on his beliefs of predestination and chance.
Friedrich Nietzsche was a German philosopher who’s views on religion and morality was marked as atheism and psychologism. Nietzsche was perceived as a nihilist because they are people who believe in nothing and that everything is meaningless or lacks value. Because of these beliefs they have a strange desire to destroy because anything can be thrown away, including human life. Anton Chigurh fulfilled this description when he asked “If the rule you follow brought you to this, of what use was the rule?” setting all morals and values aside. Even though Chigurh had nihilistic tendencies it was strange that...

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