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Nintendo Case Study

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Nintendo – Case Study Analysis

Given Facts:

1. Nintendo released the latest video gaming sole, Wii.

2. Competitors are Microsoft Xbox and Sony’s Play Station for Nintendo Wii.

3. The sales of Nintendo and its competitors are shown as follows

|Company |Consoles sold ( millions) |
|Nintendo |4.1 |
|Microsoft |2.2 |
|Sony |1.1 |

4. During 2008 the sales of Wii doubled.

5. Nintendo’s staggering hardware and software sales growth occurred in the middle of a deep recession.

6. The cost of hardware of Sony and Microsoft consoles are high compared to Nintendo.

7. The Wii’s overall game play generally varies from its competitors’ as ...view middle of the document...

Ans: The Nintendo is having a lot of growth, since it has already proved by selling more consoles compared to its competitors Sony and Microsoft. The Wii is now targeting its customers not only the teenagers, but also the entire family community. As a design successor for Nintendo Wii, it would be better to design a product that suits the entire family to play and the cost for hardware and software has to be decreased with the innovative design technology by using the creativity. The Bluetooth technology can be used for connectivity.

2. How might the diffusion process differ between the Wii and its competitors?
Ans: The Microsoft and Sony are competitors for Nintendo Wii. The following are the differences between Nintendo and its Competitors with respect to diffusion process.
|Nintendo |Competitors (Microsoft and Sony) |
|The cost is low |The cost is high. |
|The target segment is broad. |The target segment is narrow. |
|The sales are continuously increasing from 2006 to till date. |The sales growth is not constant for Sony and Microsoft. |
|Facilitates features like touch screen etc. |These accompanies are not so innovative in nature |

3. Compare the life cycle of Nintendo’s videogame consoles as a whole to a particular console, such as the Wii.
Ans: The product life cycle consist of four different phases like,
1. Introduction
2. Growth
3. Maturity
4. Decline.
The life cycle stage of Nintendo is at growth rate, the video games have a potential demand in international market. The Nintendo has already successful in launching video games like Wii. Hence Nintendo product Wii is in growth stage. The life cycle of its competitors are in introduction stage only, compared to Nintendo.

Conclusion: Nintendo videogame console is going to be at every home and all the members of a company are going to be its customers.

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