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Nikola Tesla Essay

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Nikola Tesla
Who is Nikola Tesla? He is the greatest inventor, the futurist OR If I may say the greatest geek ever lived. Geeks stay up all night disassembling the world so that they can put it back together with new features, they abandon the world around them because they’re busy soldering together a new one. Over a hundred years ago, a Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla started fixing thing that weren’t broken.
Nikola Tesla obtained around 300 patents worldwide for his inventions. Tesla had what’s known as photographic memory. He was known to memorize books and images and stockpile visions for inventions in his head. He also had powerful imagination and the ability to visualize ...view middle of the document...

He just figured out how to sell light bulb.
Marconi, the man who won noble prize for inventing radio studied the work previously done by Tesla.
Wilhelm Rontgen, the man who was credited for discovering X-Rays but guess what Nikola Tesla was the great inventor of X-Rays and got basically zero credit. When X-Rays was discovered it was believed that it could cure blindness and other ailments but Tesla refused to conduct medical experiments with them and warned that its dangerous. Edison tried to grab the opportunity and got to work right away with human trial resulting death of one of his employee due to so much of exposure to the radiation that caused cancer.
Nikola Tesla was the person who built the first hydro electric plant at Niagara falls and proved to the world that this type of power was a practical energy source. Tesla was the first person who recorded resonant frequency of the earth.
Ever heard of ball lightening? It’s a lightning that appears in the form of a sphere and travels slowly while hovering a few feet above the ground. Even today no scientists ever successfully produced it that Tesla did in back 1890s.
Do you know who invented remote control, neon lighting, electric motor, wireless communication, death rays, earthquake machine, free energy and many more? Nikola Tesla.
He spoke 8 languages. He could memorize entire book, he could visualize devices entirely in his head.
One Tesla’s final gift to the world was a tower near new York city that would have provided free wireless energy to the entire planet. J P Morgan financed the construction of the tower who shut it down when he learned that there would be no way to regulate the energy and therefore it wouldn’t make money.
This greed plagued most of the Tesla’s career and he spent majority of it being broke. He spent most of his time working in...

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