Nike Versus Adidas Essay

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The two companies of Nike and Adidas want to be able to reach a goal in increasing revenues and take on a direction that will lead them to success. First of all, I will be explaining about Nike’s vision and what they plan on doing to reach their goal. Second, I will be talking about what Adidas plans on doing in reaching their goal. The goals of the two companies are really important because it will help us determine their business planning and strategies which will help them become a successful company in reducing competition.

Nike is planning on increasing its sales and will increase their sales by apparel investment, locations, and focusing more on the consumer. Nike plans to ...view middle of the document...

The last thing is that Nike wants to be able to build more close relationships with its consumers and have more of a focus on them. In which Nike Digital sport comes in, this device allows consumers to track their own personal statistics and performaces. But Digital Sport is not just about creating must-have sports gadgets. Getting so close to its consumers' data holds exceptional promise for one of the world's greatest marketers: It means it can follow them, build an online community for them, and forge a tighter relationship with them than ever before (Cendrowski, 2012, p. 80). These sport gadgets will allow for consumers to get better experiences and for Nike to focus more on consumers. However, there are other companies that want to be able to increase their growth and sales as well.

Adidas wants to be able to create a more flexible supply chain, increase brand presence, and understand consumers’ buying habits. Ip said Adidas was rolling out a green label,
“better Place”, which it will incorporate into all of its existing product lines, with the aim of reaching 100% of its sporting footwear products by the end of 2012 (Clark, 2010, p. 35). Adidas wants to be able to create...

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