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Nightclub Business Plan Essay

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International Player’s Business Plan
By: Daniel Gordon, Trang Hoang, Stephen Bold, Che Yuzhu, Antoine Hamelin, Alexandre Laine, and Victor Any-Graah
For this project, we came up with an idea by simply noticing imperfections with the nightlife scene at Miami University and brainstorming ideas to make it better. When a student “goes out” on the weekend and isn’t referring to going to a house party or an apartment, that student is undoubtedly going “Uptown”. Although as students we grow to love and take pride in our precious Uptown, an outsider would likely view this four-by-three block, bar-littered area as crowded, dirty, and unappealing. With the combination of Steve, Trang, ...view middle of the document...

One of these will be having live bands every Thursday night from 11pm to 2am along with guest DJ’s from the Cincinnati Metropolitan area every Friday night from 10pm to close. With our FastPass offerings, which we will go into more detail about later in the paper, we will also be the only club in Oxford that offers a VIP seating area to our guests. Another thing that will make us unique is that we will be able to offer private parties and public parties simultaneously because we have a large space and a private alternate dance/bar area named “Room Two”. This ability will come in handy when a fraternity or sorority, for example, wants to rent out “Room Two” for their private events. Instead of having to close off our club to outsiders of the private event, like every other bar and club in the Oxford area, our customers will notice no difference in activity at Club Mist.

Our most glaring weakness would be the location of the nightclub. Located in the old Wal-Mart building across the street from Kroger, Club Mist lies beyond the realms of where people are normally willing to travel to “go out” at night. It would be difficult for many Miami students who live on campus to walk all the way to the club and guests that intend to consume alcoholic beverages typically would not drive unless they had a designated driver. To counter this issue, we would offer a bus service that would travel to and from Club Mist to Uptown Oxford near the park. We would purchase a school bus and hire a driver to make trips every 15-minutes from 10pm to close. Additionally, students would have the option of utilizing Miami’s Red Bus, which would drop them off just across the street from Club Mist. An additional weakness is the uncertainty of success. Many clubs have opened up in Oxford in the last four years and it has seemed like a very “hit-or-miss” business. It would be a worry that low attendance and sales in the early year may not outweigh the start-up costs to run and maintain the business.

One large opportunity that Club Mist has is that we can cooperate with different Greek Clubs and Student Organizations. The benefits and quality of our “Room Two” bar will serve to be a very attractive opportunity for these clubs and organizations to hold their special events. We have confidence that our completely unique experience will attract customers. We will also have the opportunity of attracting students who are willing to pay a little more money for higher quality alcoholic beverages because we will aim to offer the most complete list of beers and liquors in Oxford. The most obvious threat that we need to be concerned about is our competition with the lower-cost bars that already exist in Oxford. Students may choose to not visit our nightclub due to monetary concerns and some students have a favorite spot that they choose to go to and it may be tough to develop our own base of students and draw them away from what they are used to.

Next, we will use Porter’s...

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