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Night Essay

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The Loss of Faith

In the novel, Night, Elie Wiesel narrates his personal experience as a Jewish child during the holocaust. Many Jews were forced into hard labor and experienced the worst forms of inhumane treatment. Such brutality also induces psychological effects on those unfortunate to receive it. These mutations of their personalities are attributed to the treatment they receive. The prisoners form into primitive people and through the concentration camps lack of faith, abandonment, and false hope are symbols of three key aspects that change the conscience of people. This proves that the effects of the concentration camps have scarred prisoners eternally with abhorrence and have ...view middle of the document...

Throughout the novel Elie is told once by a prisoner that in the concentration camps it is every man for himself and that there is no such thing as a father, a figure which many children rely on for assistance in life. Elie’s father, however, feels that he should not interfere with Elie; but accept death, just like everyone else. The connection with sanitary food was crucial to Elie but most importantly, crucial to his father and his health. “ On my return from the bread distribution, I found my father crying like a child.”(Weisel 109). At this point in the novel Elie’s father has given up and is learning to accept the fate that Hitler’s men believe the Jews should receive. He has given the strength to motivate himself;however is in despair. One might argue it is through his faith in God that he is broken because he has figured out that God is not saving his family and friends. “ He had felt his father growing weaker...had free himself of a burden that could diminish his own chance for survival. It was good that I had forgotten all that” ( Weisel 91). Elies father is left in the wind and becomes too weak to help others. In such an instance, Weisel feels that he might become a scrap of nails to him, someone who will stand in the way of his freedom. Elies fathers change in personality shows that he dedicated to both him and his sons survival, while Elie only focus’ on his own.
Some of the most important things in life can be lost within time. In the concentration camps, many debate whether to fast on Yom Kipper.On Yom Kippur, there were debates over whether we should fast or not. “To fast would mean a quicker death. I chose not to fast, mainly to please my father. It was also an act of rebellion against God.”( Weisel 66)Their mind sets on what their religion tells them to do is blown out by what is needed in order to survive. Its almost as if the prisoners put themselves in front of their religion. Their physical needs override their religions faith and the prisoners chose not even to acknowledge God, only because they have truly experienced...

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