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Nick Latin America Case Essay

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Tara Swan at Nickelodean Latin America (A)
Kelly Fitz-Gerald

January 5, 2014

For this paper, the discussion will be geared towards the dilemma that Tara Swan faces in regards to Nickelodean Latin America. Tara Swan is the team leader of Latin America Nickelodean launch. This project was one that Swan was extremely passionate about and therefore was conflicted when her doctor told her that her four month pregnancy was high risk. Swan had some important decisions to make and did not have much time to make them. In order for Nickelodean Latin America to thrive, a plan had to be implemented due to her ...view middle of the document...

She spearheaded the Journadas party which really put Nick Latin America on the map.
• Sonia Swarz- currently Swan’s executive assistant of Nick Latin America. She is Swan’s right hand person and works closely with Swan so she is aware of everything that needs to be completed and how Swan prefers it to be done.
With Friedman taking on additional responsibility, her responsibilities would need to split up so that she is not overwhelmed by the additional responsibilities. Valerie McCarty would take charge of all of the marketing and Steve Grieder would take on the full responsibility of the Creative Director. By splitting Friedman’s workload, this would give her the time to take on all of Swan’s duties that Swan cannot facilitate from her bed in New York.
Determining Factors
There a few examples in the case that justify the need for interim leader/ director. While Swan motivated her staff to step up to the plate, there were times that disputes resulted in Swan having to step in and play mediator. The situation that is being referred to is the disagreement between Neuhaus and Bryne. Byrne wanted to sit with a dedicated Nickelodean staff while Neuhaus wanted to sit with the MTV staff. This resulted in Swan adjusting the organizational chart to form a dotted line even though the formal reporting relationship remained intact. The two always met separately to report their individual perceptions of their forecasts and plans. Although Byrne was gone by the time Swan was leaving, this does not mean that other situations would not occur that require a “referee”.
Swan had been negotiations with Telemundo, the Spanish-language broadcaster in the United States. Swan was concerned that if the deal did not close soon that is would never close. The reality is that it...

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