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Niche Picking And Epigenisis Essay

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In recent times, the nature vs nuture argument has shifted towards a growing consensus that heredity and environment are inseparable[1] and most researchers understand development as resulting from a dynamic interaction between heredity and environment[2].

A number of concepts have been developed to explain, or elucidate in part, how heredity and environment work together to influence development.

The concept of “genetic-environmental correlation” suggests that our genes influence the environments we are exposed to. Further, the manner in which this occurs changes with age.

According to the concept the correlation initially occurs passively as children have little choice about ...view middle of the document...


3.3 Epigenesis

Research has revealed that the relationship between heredity and the environment is not necessarily unidirectional, moving in a linear way from the expression of genes, to the influence of the environment to behaviour. Rather, the relationship is more likely to be bidirectional. That is, genes affect behaviour and experiences, however, in parallel, internal and external stimulation resulting from behaviour and experiences also affect the expression of genes[5].

The concept of epigenesis draws on this idea of bidirectionality. Epigenesis is the concept that development takes place as a result of ongoing, bidirectional changes between the expression of genes and all levels of the environment. That is, development is the result of complex exchanges between genes and the environment.

Turning to aspects of my own development, I could see how my musical ability might be attributed to interaction between heredity and the environment. I have a musical family '' my grandfather has always sung and played the...

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