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Ngo Development Essay

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Journal of Asian and African Studies 47(1)

Albert M (2006) Realizing Hope: Life Beyond Capitalism. Nova Scotia: Fernwood Publishing. Gillem AR, Cohn LR and Throne C (2001) Black identity in biracial black/white people: A comparison of Jacqueline who refuses to be exclusively black and Adolphus who wishes he were. Cultural diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology 7: 182–196.

Issa G Shivji, Silences in NGO Discourse: The Role and Future of NGOs in Africa. Nairobi and Oxford: Fahamu, 2007, 68pp, £7.95 Reviewed by: Matt Birkinshaw, London School of Economics, UK DOI: 10.1177/0021909611425010

Shivji draws on his experience as both observer and participant of ...view middle of the document...

I agree that these are significant problems for any organization aiming at social change as I concur with Shivji’s concerns about the direction and limitations of NGO accountability and theoretical perspective. I also agree with his conclusions about ‘globalization’ as a form of imperialism, the importance of bottom–up, democratic and participatory practices, the dangers of statism and chauvinism, the impossibility of neutrality and the importance of an integrated auto-critique and praxis. It would be helpful if Shivji made it plainer the extension or definition of his use of ‘NGO’: does this refer to international (development, human rights, consultancy?), national, local, campaigning, service-delivery organisations, etc. Ironically the one source that Shivja quotes to substantiate his assertion that ‘NGO leaders’ do not engage in critical analysis is from a book of research published by Oxfam (Murphy, 2000). The apparent lack of clarity over what an NGO is also suggests a lack of clarity over what an NGO can be. Given his Gramscian view of civil society, and his rhetoric about NGOs as the footsoldiers of neoliberalism, Shivji still seems to have a certain faith in the possibility and desirability...

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