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Next Generation Essay

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Generation next would be entirely different, smarter, independent due to conflicting sets of values the parents feel confused, insecure and helpless due to their inability to understand ‘Me’-a total contradiction to their values and beliefs.

I am the ‘Generation Next’ and it will take my parents a generation to understand what I like and what makes me tick.

Play stations, the latest rock music, hip hop, you see what I mean!!! The world has changed in the last few decades so much that parents find it difficult to understand ‘Gen Next’ that is ‘Us’.

The web revolution and now the mobile technology is changing the way we interact with each other and the world. The change that directly ...view middle of the document...

The world of music, fashion, and influence from the other parts of the world, is defining my identity. This is at odds with a more grounded view of being an Indian and the way of life my parents and grandparents hat aspired for.

This is that period of our life when we are moving away from the close circle of our families and striving hard to become individuals with certain rights.

Added to this, is the fact, that I am a teenager, rebellious to the coral seeing new worlds and ideas every second. It excites me and I want define my ‘new self which does not want to conform to traditions.

In chaotic world, I find myself compelled to make choices. Either I try to clan on to my core belief and feel self confident in it or ride the new waved change. Either way, there will be two camps, and guess who is more likely be in which? There is no right answer; both ways call for a choice to no change or to embrace change.

Confidence is the key, am a confident Indian, defining the values and aspirations of my generation that leads to an inevitable gap, but gaps are built to leap, gaps need bridges, the bridges of understanding and acceptance by the world we live in, if not the world you lived in. It will happen again when I have children, and I say ‘Cheers’ to that.

But, I accept change which also leads to confusion and in a state of confusion one needs stability as much as understanding and patience on the part of the adults. I hope to find it in the love and support of my parents. ‘Generation Next’ is only a gap of ideas and is definitely not a gap in family ties.

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