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Newfoundland Protected Areas Essay

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Geography 3202- Lab 3
My map entitled “Provincial Protected Areas” is a government map that I have edited to try to make it “easier” to interpret/view. I edited the map with the main focus being on urban centres, roads, rivers, lakes and protected areas. I tried to edit the map with the protected areas being the main focus.

Urban Centre
On this map, I tried to have a focus on the main urban centres that were located relativity close to the protected areas, so if anyone wished to visit these areas then they would have some sense as to the location of accommodations. There are many towns in Newfoundland; the general public would be more familiar with the larger centres and this could give them some direction as to where the protected areas were located.
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I deleted many of these primary roads since they did not serve a purpose for the “protected areas” aspect of this map; it also looked very clustered in some places which made the map harder to interpret.

For the rivers and lakes, I basically just changed the colours to blue and thicken the line where appropriate. The coastline was also included in this, I changed it to the “symbol” that represented the coastline and thicken the line to make it more pleasant to view.

Protected Areas
For the protected areas I first categorized the protected areas into four classes that were represented by four different shades of green. Green is often associated with protected areas, as well; green is the symbol colour in the properties. I put outlines on some of the protected areas since they touch each other and are somewhat hard to distinguish. I did not put an outline on the provincial parks since they are really small and they outline appeared rather than the colour of the park, which is not good since we would not be able to tell this is a provincial park. There were to make protected areas in Newfoundland to be able to label each one individually, so I mainly focused on the larger areas and tried to label at least one on each section of the island. Also, to avoid repetition I erased the type of protected area the name was labeling since the colour stated this.

My map is fairly easy to view with the exception that some of the text is underneath the roads. This happened because I converted the text to annotations, so they are no longer labels which follow the “rules” of the layers. Overall I think my map is clearer than the original map in the aspects described above.

Marius Normore
Jimena Ramos

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