New Zealand Heritage Essay

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Question: What additional promotional strategies or tactics should the park use to attract overseas visitors?
We look at the marketing mix:
* Product
* Price
* Place
* Promotion ← this is the most important factor here…
* People
What are they doing?
Newspaper advertisments
1) Outlining existance of park
2) Detailing the events and promotions
Depositing pamphlets into the regent hotel guest rooms (both local and international)
Concession tickets to a number of attractions, purchasable online or at the door.
Three areas of focus: Recognize New Zealand as a tourist destination, Visit Auckland as a stopover and visit the ...view middle of the document...

* Made a good start but could reach their full potential through adapting to new distribution channels, such as online travel planners, banners on popular websites (such as facebook).
Personal selling
* They could visit international conventions and have stalls in travel exhibitions to further enhance a one on one communication to overseas visiotors.
Sales promotion
* This has been farely well used with the bundling of other programs and sales commisions, however could be further enhanced with group discounts or family season passes. International patrons could have travellers discounts.
public relations
* They could ask intenational radio and television programs to host segments regarding the new zealand travel industry, and possibly do interviews. They could also offer a competition regarding those watching these programs.
Direct marketing
* This has also been addressed with the guest fliers in the regent hotel and airline magazines, however could be further enhanced with optional email newsletters...

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