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New York Never Again Essay

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New York Never Again

Joey was staying out of the airplane. She was in USA because she wished to get a job there. She wants to be model, and she knew that there were bigger chances to be stopped at the street, and asked to be a model here. She wants to have her luggage, so she went to the distribution. She got her baggage, and went out to the street. There were a lot of people. She wants to go for a walk, and maybe gets something to eat. Everything was beautiful, so she decided to take a break on a bench. Children were playing with their new dolls. Junkies were there too, and of course the police were there, to get all the thinks in the right order.
Suddenly too policemen came over to her. They took her arm ...view middle of the document...

“Please tell us, what are you doing at this bench!?” ”Okay” Joey said. “I was sitting there, because I want a break, and because I want to be a model, do you understand A MODEL! What’s wrong?” The policemen laughed.
Joey thought that she had to give her friend Andy information. She called him and said that she was picked up by the cops. She doesn’t know why, but the police detained for a lot of questions about why she was sitting on this bench.
Now they were arrived to the police station. She had to talk with some policemen. They got into a room, and the interrogation started. “Who is your boss?” Joey didn’t understand. “Yes, you are a prostitute, am I right? “ Joey laughed. Now she understood the story about all this. “Now of course I am not a prostitute! Why should I be that? I want to be model” She said. “Who is your boss, I asked?” Joey was scared. They didn’t understood that she doesn’t was a prostitute. “Can I call my friend quickly?” asked Joey. She called to Suzie, but she didn’t take her telephone. She laid a message:
Dear Suzie. I´m taken by the police and they ask a lot of questions. Now I´m arrested. I don’t know what happened. Please tell my mum she doesn’t have to be worried. I will come home soon. Joey.
About two hours later a policeman came into her cell. “You can go. I’m sorry but we took wrong. You are not one of the many prostitutes in the town. We have looked into your journal, and you are clean. I regrets, goodbye”. Joey went out from the police station. She was shocked. She only wanted to go home. She wrote a message to Suzie again:
Hi Suzie. On my way back to England. Wow. What an experience. Will explain everything when I get home. Joey.

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