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New York Giant's Plaxico Burress Essay

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Within Aristotle’s Poetics, there are many people given the title of a ‘tragic hero’. In order to qualify for this respectable title, one must satisfy the following elements: Hamartia, Hubris, Catastrophe, Peripeteia, and Anagnorisis. In my opinion, Plaxico Antonio Burress can be labeled as a ‘tragic hero’ because his life experiences correspond with the necessary elements.
A brief background on Buress follows to explain the elements adequately and provide detail as to why he is truly a ‘tragic hero’. Plaxico Antonio Burress was born on august 12, 1977. He is American football wide receiver for the New York Giants of the NFL. He was originally drafted by Pittsburgh Steelers in 2000 NFL ...view middle of the document...

Hubris is a person who thinks of themselves as above the law and thereby should receive superior treatment. Due to his accomplishments, he is known as an NFL superstar and role model for other athletes in his league.
A second necessary element to be described as a ‘tragic hero’ is Hamartia. Hamartia is defined as a mistake a person commits which can lead to their eventual downfall. His specific mistake started when Plaxico entered a Latin Quarter night club carrying a concealed illegal weapon on Saturday November 21, 2008 at approximately 1 am. He was with one of his teammates Antonio Pierce. His catastrophe occurred when Burress accidently shot himself in the right thigh in the VIP section of Latin Quarter. A witness testified saying “hearing a popping sound before Burress’ legs began to shake, according to a criminal complaint. It said the person saw a bloody pistol fall out of his pant leg and land on the floor before Burress said “Take me to a hospital.”” (Yahoo sports). Pierce took Burress to New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center and was treated and released later that Saturday. Burress did not have a gun holding permit. Burress was taken to court in handcuffs and posted bail for $100,000 on weapon possession charges. “Burress was charged with two counts of second- degree criminal possession of a weapon, which could result in prison sentence of 3 ½ years to 15 years if he is convicted, he is due back in court on march 31st “(Yahoo sports).
This life changing event leads to another element of Peripeteia. The Peripetia is when the person tries to do something noble and honorable yet it backfires leading to their...

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