New Water Sources Essay

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New Water Sources
Mark Harbison
Southern New Hampshire University

Water is one of our most preciouses and sought after resource. With cities facing rapid population growth, sources of fresh clean water are running low and some of these cities are looking at the possibility of creating new water reservoirs to solve this problem. On paper these reservoirs look good. They provide ample supplies of water, while giving people a place to relax and for recreation. But is the cost of the new reservoir worth the damage to the existing ecosystem?
One such proposed reservoir, the Marvin Nichols Reservoir, is the center of much debate here in Northeast Texas. The new lake will ...view middle of the document...

If the Dallas Fort Worth area would enforce stricter water conservation policies, then they could possibly save the same amount of water that the new reservoir would create. They already have policies in place for voluntary free low flow toilet exchange, two day a week lawn watering restrictions, and smarter landscaping. This all sounds good on paper but if they made the low flow toilet exchange mandatory, and only aloud lawn watering once a week, they could almost double the amount of water saved. The Northeast Texas area gets about 40 to 50 inches of rain fall a year. If just a small percent of this rain fall was collected and used to water lawns, that would also add to the total amount of water saved.
There is also the issue that the new lake will destroy about 72 thousand acres of land. It seems that the biggest concern about the building of this reservoir will displace hundreds of families, and cause a loss of income for the timber industry, farming and ranching. It seems that very little thought is being given to the current ecosystem, which is home to countless number of mammals, birds, and reptiles. This will force these animals further from their homes and into more heavily populated areas and when animals and humans are pushed together, it is rarely good for the animals. They will be trapped and killed so that people can feel safe in their homes and neighborhoods. Most people won’t even give it a second thought or even care that we destroyed their home so that we can have more water. Everybody knows we need water, but before we take drastic measures to wipe out an entire ecosystem, we owe it to ourselves and to the environment to change our ways.
In a letter written to the Texas Water Board General Counsel, Richard E. LeTourneau reported that one over looked water source that is currently available of immediate use, is the Toledo Bend Reservoir. According to Mr. LeTourneau, both of the Texas side and Louisiana side have a combine amount of 2.08 million acre feet of water for sale. He also stated that if the conservation pool level of Wright Patman Reservoir in Texarkana, TX, would help produce the needed water. Along with better water conservation and with the water sources already in place there should be more than enough water to help supply the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.
Nicole Walker composed a paper simply titled Dam. Although this paper was written in essay form, Walker presented solid evidence of the destruction dams, and reservoirs can cause existing landscapes. She talked about how the construction of the dam caused land marks that have been in the area for hundreds of years to disappear under the water. How it physically changed the characteristic of the Colorado River itself. The water coming out of the new reservoir was now at a constant temperature of about 46 degrees. Before the dam, it would fluctuate from 80 degrees to freezing and that sediment from the river no longer flowed freely, and would get...

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