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IEEE 802.11AC 1
Charles E. Clay jr
New Trending Technology Paper
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14 January 2013

IEEE 802.11AC New and Improved Wireless Technology

The new technology for your wireless home and business network is almost here! I’m talking about the IEEE 802.11AC which is going to be faster and capable of handling more of your High-definition video transfers with speeds equal to a gigabit ethernet. This is nice if you like technology but at what cost should I change my networking devices? The benefits are great but now we know neither the cost nor the date when gear will be available for the business world. With the 802.11ac technology we can only assume that this will ...view middle of the document...

One positive effect of the 802.11AC on g/b/n users is compatability. It is universally compatible with all forms of networks. It was specifically designed to forward technology and be able to backwards compatible with older models. It will first be available for smartphones and slowly introduced into the community for home usage via routers and home networks. By using a larger ghz spectrum, it will reduce lag time or congestion if you will, across all networks supporting the 802.11AC. However this does not mean congestion is entirely null and void. It is always a possibility as more companies and homes adapt to this new technology.
On a home consumer level, it is worth looking into 802.11AC in the near future of
IEEE 802.11AC 3
early 2013 as it is already becoming more readily available to business and enterprises as of late 2012. As technology is always growing and ever expanding, it is always worth
investing into new technology that can help with speeds for a nation that is obsessed with technological breakthroughs of speed...

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