New Trend Of Digital Advertising In Auto Industry

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New trend of digital advertising in auto industry

The earliest world known auto advertisement appeared in 1898. It was placed in a magazine called Scientific American occupying a whole page and cajoling reader to “dispense with a horse”. This very first auto ad was made for Winston Motor. We won’t see much Winston cars running these days since they stopped producing cars in 1924. I suspect at that time the Winston Motor couldn’t expect they set new era in motion. A century passed, auto ad has developed and grown. With the development of technology, there appeared more transmission channel.

According to Borrell Associates’ latest report, the auto industry’s use of print, radio, and ...view middle of the document...

Because of the fierce competition in TV commercials, more and more brands begin to focus on making their own creative advertising.

1. The importance of creative advertising for automobile industry

1) Creative ads can highlight the selling points so as to increase sale

If the advertising has a good idea to show the product, it can deliver the information to customers more effectively. According to researches, during the buying process for a car, customers pay more attention to the price, appearances and performance. Highlighting these points in a particular way can let consumers remember your product and urge to buy it. For example, 40 years ago, in American market, because of the boring appearance design, nobody liked BMW, and nobody noticed its excellent performance. Realizing this problem, BMW adjusted their advertising strategy and made a series of creative ads. They used “the ultimate driving machine” to describe their cars and highlighted the strength of BMW. Now BMW still uses this slogan. From this case, we can see the life force of BMW and of Creative ads.

2) Creative ads can improve the quality of communication between brands and customers, and build up the brand image.

Advertising is a good communication tool to meet the customers’ expectation, especially their mental and emotional needs. Creative ads always focus on the brand’s DNA and have a vivid theme, properly showing their brand concept, image, positioning and slogan, which can help brands get more acceptances from their target consumers. Besides, usually mentioning advertising, people will hold a negative attitude, because they think it is very boring and a waste of time. But good creative ads can always catch the eyes of people, and realize the aim of communication.

2. Some types of creative ads used in automotive industry

1) Using animal elements

Compared traditional TV commercial, using animals as the leading role of the advertising can create a relaxing and joyful atmosphere, making people feel fresh and stimulating the imagination.

In the last year, German automaker Mercedes-Benz publicized a new creative ad called Magic Body Control. This ad promoted the new 2014 S-class cars which use the latest ride control technology. The system works through sensors, magnetic dampers, and the pair of cameras, located at the top of the windshield, which go to work to scan the road for any imperfections. They locate lumps and bumps and send that data to the suspension system to make sure that people have the best possible ride.
This ad breaks the auto industry advertising mold. Through the ad, you cannot find any car or technological manner. Instead the ad showed elegant white-gloved hands moving live chickens around in disco moves set to a Diana Ross song. Their bodies were made to move about in all directions while their heads (naturally) remained immobile. The chicken viewing experience is supposed to be a metaphor. They use this...

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