New Testament Bible Dictionary Project Essay

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Krystal Collier
July 1, 2015
New Testament Bible Dictionary Project:
The origin of Mathew was accepted by the early church, it is the first of the four Gospels. Mathew is the author of this book. We know this to be true because Mathew was a tax collector before following Jesus. He speaks of money in forms that appear nowhere else and in ways only someone who dealt with money would speak. Mathew is written in the forms of miracles, he reports many miracles Jesus performed. Mathew is dated as early as AD 60, no later than AD 65. Mathew was intended for everyone but refers to Jewish practices and does not explain, this is taken to mean Jews were the intended audience. Mathew shows that Jesus is the realization of the predictions of the Old ...view middle of the document...

His traits gave him leadership and influence. He began a movement towards Christianity in Antioch, from there he sought out Paul at Tarsus. They became associates and started on the First Missionary Journey of Paul. Both Barnabas and Paul were apostles. Their journey did not come easily, Paul endured the violence at Iconium, and Barnabas escaped. They also found non-believers in Cyrus, Antioch and Lystra. They were met with believers in Pisidian and Derbe. They planted churches in these cities in spite of the rejection they faced. The churches were organized and they appointed elders at each church. Barnabas and Paul were sent to Jerusalem along with other apostles to oversee an issue involving circumcision; it was found that Gentiles did not have to be circumcised. Everyone is saved by faith and their grace.
Sea of Galilee
The Sea of Galilee was given 5 different names in the New Testament, the sea of Tiberias, the lake of Gennesaret, the sea, the lake, and sea of Chineroth. The sea is in a deep trough of the Jordan Valley, East of the Bay of Acre. It lies 680 ft. below the Mediterranean. It is about 140 ft. deep. It is said the water is sweet, and natives use it for all purposes. The Sea is also known as the Eye of Galilee. Wheat and barley grow in abundance around the sea, the land is extremely fertile from the volcanos surrounding Sea, the lava flow has contributed to this. Hot springs also surround the area. The Sea contains a multitude of fish in many varieties. Because of the placing of the Sea with mountains all around, sudden storms are often. Fisherman will not go too far out as these storms are very frequent and dangerous. It was attested that a hurricane was witnessed two times in five years. This is a beautiful place, one will never forget if ever seen.

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