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New Technology In My Field Research Essay

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The study of computer forensics has quickly emerged and technology used in theis type of forensics is being developed quite rapidly. As swiftly as the field and its importance are growing, many practitioners still remain unaware of computer forensics and its role in the technological world. A paper provides an overview of the relatively new field of computer forensics. The paper also illustrates why, in the wake of 9-11 and other terrorist acts, the research and development of computer forensics is of international importance. (A)

I chose to write my article on computer forensics mainly because I have been involved with computer forensics numerous times in my life. The most ...view middle of the document...

Inside this folder were images that I never want to see ever again. I gained access to his flash drive by using his daughter’s middle name as a password and once again found images of child pornography. I was sick to my stomach that he even had the nerve to use his daughters name as a password to protect such filth. The sheriff told me to turn in the evidence I had and after they reviewed the content I found, they arrested him and he is now looking at life through iron bars.

I chose to write about this personal accomplishment mainly because it is a field that I’m highly interested in. Computer forensics is being developed and upgraded quite rapidly and a lot of public and private companies are using computer forensics on a daily basis creating another area of technological jobs. (A) The recent technology boom and significant use of computers in everyday life has been accompanied by an increasing rate of computer crimes. (2,3,11,12)

There were many private corporations that I didn’t even know existed such as DIBS who describes computer forensics as “the process...

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