New System Proposal Essay

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New System Proposal
Team A
February 23rd 2014

Riordan Manufacturing requires an innovative information system proficient in the organization of product sales, which allows management of data by employees from computers and mobile devices. This new system would contain customer records and be password protected for sales agent’s individual accounts and further promote confidentiality of client and corporate data. Information security and carbon footprints will need to be addressed with creation of a new data warehouse. The cloud computing system would be an idyllic system for addressing the needs of Riordan Manufacturing and would be an inexpensive conversion from the old ...view middle of the document...

The only way to fully leverage this new innovation is to be the first to market, and in a big way. The solution to this involves targeting its existing client base and a broader market through research and targeted trend analysis. The storage and analytic bandwidth are exponential to its previous systems capacity and the parsing and prioritizing will requires a tremendous amount of data analytics. Looking back on its own information, internally they found that not only is the current system inefficient for the retrieval of the information, but lacks online capabilities for scalability, and no redundancy at full operating capacity. With these deficiencies in mind, it was quickly identified that the system needed an upgrade that would provide both in the most cost effective way possible.
The importing and manipulation of large amounts of like kind information, purchased from outside sources, dwarfed the previous system capabilities, but would only be required for a short time until the data is parsed, compressed and manipulated into usable data for the marketing and sales initiatives associated with the new product roll out. So tooling up a large data center and resources would be overkill but a large, scalable system available to expand and contract led Riordan to look towards cloud computing and the relative flexibility it provides.
There are many different uses for the Cloud services to be effective for Riordan. The Cloud will sufficiently hold all data and information for the company. It will act as a storage unit for all customer information and purchasing trends. In addition, the Cloud computing system will allow all workers to log into a web-based service, where workers can find any program needed for any specific job. Files, e-mails, application software, employee and customer data can all be accessed through the web server, eliminating the need for every single piece of information to be put on separate computers or a local server. Riordan can get all of this information, anytime and anywhere, saving significant sums of money while working more efficiently.
All data and information can be easily shared and backed up. Not only will Cloud computing eliminate the need for physical files and storage, it will also keep all customer information efficient and organized. Riordan will use SaaS, or software as a service, applications. All files will be hosted, eliminating the need for additional hardware and company maintenance. Although the storage comes at a cost, it will be well worth it to ensure all data is backed up and easily accessible.
Operationally, an entire new production facility along with the associated additional logistics, time and motion research for cost analysis, and materials are all going to add additional strain to the systems. Looking to state of the art software to...

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